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Worldwide With Mista Roe

Artist Review

Mista Roe is an independent R&B artist from Shreveport currently the CEO of his own company called Mista Roe Music Group Inc. He is an actor, singer, and songwriter. He is known internationally, places like Japan, Canada, here in the United States, and Germany. He has toured with some of R&B's greatest artists such as H-Town, 112, Jon-B & Hi-Five.

Mista Roe plans on touring this summer. He has worked with so many people to artists like Steve Wonder, Day Yankee, and Slim from 112. His recent sophomore album "The R&B King of Shreveport" has gotten two songs from the album a little buzz such as "Birds and Bees" and "Don't Matter". He has stepped into the acting arena where he is showcasing his skills in the show "Fifth Ward: The Series".



Music Journalist, Indie Flex Music


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