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What Could Have Been If You Listened To This New Rap Artist?

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

Artist Review

Female rap artist and singer, Destinee Lynn from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The amazing part of this artist is her bravery and empowerment as a woman. Any topic taken by this artist, starting from love to her childhood, she takes very seriously, close to her heart. How do I know this? I feel the energy coming from the music. Besides her straightforward lyrics, she also adds singing, which ends up very smoothly.

Destinee Lynn is also the winner of the Hottest Female Artist 2020 at the Milwaukee Music Awards. Don’t believe me? Check her video clips. Besides that, if we would have a closer look at her lyrics, for instance from the song called “Hot Girls”

“I heard it's your birthday, Grab a drink if ya thirsty

I can see that ya need an OG, Drop it like a low-low

What's that? It's a GoPro? So I can watch that back, HD, slo-mo”

She is in general very popular in her area getting booked and invited to different concerts, gigs and also having meetings with fans and personal concerts. The artist has a lot to give the fans. Being a woman and rapping is not so easy. It's harder to get heard as a woman but it is definite that this artist is heard!


DIANA Contributing Music Journalist for Indie Flex Music Instagram @diewake Disclaimer: We do not own rights to this music. Music was submitted to us for promotional purposes as per artist and/or his/her management team.

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