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Jmelo The Hood Hope

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

Artist Review

In music, there is severe importance that comes with attention to detail. As evident as that sounds, this is something that a lot of artists fail to understand, or just choose not to. I want to highlight the positives I saw in his music. Firstly, his beats have a great bounce to them, and he is constantly attacking them with a crisp precise flow. Also, he comes up with catchy but unique flowing hooks. They help his music and style stand out from the pack.

In his song “Intro (Melo Melodies),” Jmelo is executing the way he does. Dope flows, catchy hooks, his bread, and butter. Issues with the mix hurt to hear, mostly because J has a good voice for rap. It’s easy to gravitate towards. Jmelo The Hood Hope is a talented artist. He has charisma, flow for days, and a catchy voice that’s easy to vibe with.

Word of advice for J, but to all up-and-coming artists trying to make music a career. To do this, you have to be all in one hundred percent. You have to understand that this art is the product you are trying to sell. This is what you are choosing to represent yourself, you have to make sure that what you’re making keeps the people coming back. “Rap game, the crack game ain’t that different, you know?” It’s quality over quantity. Keep Pushing.


Written By: Tobi

Instagram: @tobitones_

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