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Musician, Vocalist & Model, Star On The Rise...

Independent artist, Shanley has that star quality. We're talking the look and the voice! Often compared to artists like Beyonce. She has mostly song covers on her instagram page. Shanley is also really good at Art, modeling and can play instruments such as the piano and bass guitar.

Shanley currently has been displaying her musical talent with music covers uploaded on SoundCloud where she goes by “Getgolden”. She started her SoundCloud about one year ago. Her most recent music cover “Still Yours” is out now. She has also done the other music covers “ETA” , “I CARE 4 U” and the very popular song by Beyoncé, “CRAZY IN LOVE”. Without a doubt Shanley's vocals show confidence, creativity, classy skill & versatility.

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Instagram: @shanleyofficial



Contributing Music Journalist for Indie Flex Music

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