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Not Just A Name, But This Guy Ziggie Is For Real

Music Review

There is only one way I could put this… ZIGGIE. IS. FOR REAL. I’m telling you the star power radiating off this man is giving me some serious 2Chainz vibes. Now I know it’s very early in his career, and the content he has out right now isn’t much, but my job is to come to a conclusion with what’s given to me, and I’m coming to the conclusion that this man’s music could really HIT.

His record “No Opps” is an example, a menacing beat, filled with aggressive in your face lyrics, put together with a crisp flow, and on top of that his voice easy to distinguish, which is very important in an era where the melting pot is bigger than ever. Also, Ziggie’s record “Eatin Right” with his boy Superstar JB is real dope. JB delivered a fun flowy hook and verse on the song, and Ziggie switched it up with a smooth melodic kind of sound to his verse, both executing their parts very well on a dope beat.

You can hear the talent, the hunger, and you can even see the drive. Ziggie has web series called “Mudd Work With Ziggie,”. He and JB take you on the journey through the making of their music. You get to check in on their studio session and even see some of the processes of the “Eatin Right” music video. I’m really glad they took the extra time to do this, not only because it’s more engaging for their audience, but it creates more content for people to see while giving people a taste of what we artists got to do to pull something like this together.

A lot of people think making this music is sweet and not too difficult, but they don’t understand the actual grind and sacrifice that comes with trying to make this a career, and any kind of insight given of that sacrifice I can appreciate.

In conclusion, there’s a lot of promise with ZiggieFR, and I hope to see him at the top. He has the sound and the energy to match. I expect good things to flourish from his career. Ziggie, JB, King Yabee, and Big Game Enterprise keep pushing.



Music Journalist for Indie Flex Music

Instagram: @tobitones_


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