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Sarah Bailey Gave You Her Debut Album, 13. So We Give You 13 Reasons Why...

Music Review

Sarah Bailey started her music journey in 2018 with the release of her single “Reckless.” She has a background in audio engineering and writes, arranges, and produces all of her music. Since she has been on the music scene, she has released over ten singles and a handful of EPs. On May 13, 2021, she released her official debut album, 13. Talk about the number 13! It was released on the 13th, has 13 tracks, and is also title 13! So here we have 13 Reasons Why You Should Support Her Music

  1. She is talented

  2. She is an amazing song writer

  3. She is an amazing Singer

  4. She is an amazing Musician

  5. Her music is great

  6. Her lyrics are real, honest & vulnerable

  7. She's not afraid to share her stories through her music, the ups and downs of life

  8. She produces her own music

  9. She has established a dope musical catalog thus far

  10. She is a very determined woman

  11. She hasn't stopped chasing her dreams

  12. She is consistent, videos, music...she is on a roll!

  13. lastly, of course, she is stunningly beautiful

On her Instagram she stated that her younger self would be so proud of her for following her dreams and becoming an independent artist that wrote, produced, and recorded this album in her bedroom studio. Although she is an independent artist, Sarah has collaborated with Brad Puette of Field Day Recordings, Pat Farmer, David Rosen, and Ashley Mikulec. Sarah thanks her friends, family, and fans for supporting her on this crazy journey.

Sarah Bailey is only just starting her career, but she is on track to do big things. Stay tuned to see what she does next.



Contributing Music Journalist for Indie Flex Music

Instagram: @morgan.vuknic


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