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Things Are Heating Up And We Are Parched, Give Us More Druicy!!!!

I understand why artists make their projects and singles short. I get that it keeps the listener wanting more, and I get that in the streaming era we’re in right now music comes and goes so quickly, that you want someone coming back to your song as much as possible, especially if you’re just starting to invest in your career. I get all those things, but the experience I had with Dru’s project was criminal.

This woman has all the talent. Her voice is lovely, it’s like someone glazed honey on top of the record. It’s smooth, sensual, and sexy. “Intentions” is a song I’m playing for a wine night with my girl, but when you give me a project like this for only six minutes… it’s criminal. I hear so much growth that can come out of her I just can’t help but want more, and believe me this as much of a critique as it is a compliment.

Now I wasn’t in love with the first song of this project, one of the main reasons is that I felt the Lauryn Hill sample, in the beginning, didn’t match the content of the song, and that left me confused. Overall though, she sounded good on the record, there might have been some things I personally would have changed lyrically, but I would be able to let it slide if the project was longer than 6 minutes. If you’re going to make a body of music this short I’m not a fan of it, but you have to make sure every song hits every target. When I heard the beat startup for “Scream My Name” I was vibing out, then Dru came in with the smooth distorted vocals I was all in, but all of a sudden the song ends a minute deep, and I’m left not being able to leave with an opinion on her record because it was so short. Three song projects shouldn’t have interludes.

Dru is a very talented singer, she makes good music, and I won’t deny what she can become, but we want more queen! I understand wanting the audience to keep visiting your music, or to keep them wanting more, but your fans also deserve more of you, so don’t deprive them of that. I can’t wait to hear what Dru has in store. Let your art flourish, and keep pushing.

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Contributing Music Journalist for Indie Flex Music

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