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Why You Mad??.... Cuzzxo Is Doing Her Thing

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

Music Review

Female rapper, Cuzzxo is a very straightforward lyricist. The whole vibe is giving energy and truth. Her most popular song is called “Why you mad?”, the lyrics, “Competition? Bitch, I don't know anything ’bout it, I'm counting money, them niggas was doubting”. The lyrics of this track are very catchy and the video shows the energy she's coming with.

Cuzzxo emphasizes how others can be jealous while she is doing her thing. Very raw, she uses the word “bitch”, nothing terrific but gives energy to the story in the song. These catchy lyrics along with distinctive voice, the beat, and then video, You will definitely like!

The lyrics which is very to the point. This phrase is very catchy “My shit thorough, I could never be average”. and ends letting everyone know the deal with this statement "Been told y'all, Imma always be that bitch

Y'all gon' always be mad I stay on my grind, y'all bitches be sad, period, bitch" Cuzzxo!”



Contributing Music Journalist for Indie Flex Music

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