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MUSIC REVIEW: Chantae Vetrice

Music, Wardrobe, Travel.....Pop Icon In The Making One Look, One Country and One Song at at Time

From first look you can tell Chantae Vetrice is an independent, strong woman. Born and raised in New York, Chantal Vetrice started her career in Atlanta, Georgia. She was given the opportunity to work with producer J Rell. Through her recognition she then landed a deal with Anthony Dent, who is part of P.Diddy’s team.

With the acceleration of her career she decided to move to Ibiza, Spain to continue to build and establish herself

as an artist and career. She began to grace the covers of magazines, like Pacha Magazine. Also being able to collaborate with Swiss Beats for his art and music tour, No Commission with Bacardi.

Her most current partnership is with beauty brand, Manic Panic NYC. With hits such as, "Run to the Money" and "Elevated", her lyrics are definitely about empowering women and making them feel confident enough to take on the world. With her passion and drive for music, she continues to make her mark in the music world!

Latest Single...

Artist Connect

Chantae Vetrice

Instagram: @chantaevetrice


Christina G.

Contributing Music Journalist for Indie Flex Music

Instagram: @Sincerelyninag


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