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March Madness

The World Has Gone Mad | Tuesday March 28th, 2023 | Tiasia Newman

I think the industry is taking "March Madness" a little too far. Of course the couple we all love to hate are still running a muck through our social media timelines displaying top tier toxic relationship energy. Blueface finally admitted there is a 8 out of 10 chance that he is the father of Chrisean’s baby. However, immediately following this statement he vowed to leave the unborn child in shitty diapers while holding a baby on his chest during the filming of this filth. I fucking can't.

Self proclaimed "Queen of Dancehall '' Spice announced her pregnancy with fellow artist Khaotic. The photo she released was beautiful, the comments that followed not so much. Many of her followers, myself included, wondered why she would have a new baby when she already has two kids that aren't with her in America. I have since been corrected and now know the kids are here with her. Hey if she likes. it I fucking love it. Congrats boo!!!

Young MA was seen in a recent viral video posted by her barber appearing to be gravely ill. Her hair was unkept for obvious reasons but her eyes looked as if she had jaundice. Many speculated she was suffering from kidney failure. She later released a statement informing her fans that she was in recovery from a number of health issues but expected to recover in due time. Let's keep her in our prayers.

NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabar sold a number of his championship rings, trophies, and other memorabilia to provide kids with an opportunity to change their lives. The sale brought in a staggering 2.8 million dollars to be donated to youth education programs. I have to say I have yet to hear about any charity being done by Michael Jordan in this capacity. I guess the wrong guy made shoes. While yall are in line to buy his overpriced kicks, Jordan is funding the building of jails to put you in after somebody steps on them and you act accordingly. Meanwhile Jabar is paying for the building of the safe house your son will spend his time at while you are away and those J's sit in a holding room now waiting for your release.

We all got excited about a tour with SWV and Xscape which is now looking more like a pipe dream. The drama though is very real. The new show is a hit but the teamwork is a miss at best. Ever the breakout star Kandi Buress is trending all on her own for a number of reasons beyond the show. After Kandi made recent statements about Karlos King stealing Escape’s life story Tamar Braxton was asked her opinion while filming on DishNation. It could have been left at that but in true Ms. Muppet fashion Tamar took to ig to add her two cents instead of rubbing them together, under a post in which Kandi stated Escape is paid three times the amount of SWV. Her comments, which included a desperate plug to her new single, were directed to Kandi but were received by everyone else first. Akbar V even hopped in with a simmer down Aunty post that made me gag but twas the fans who put her in a coffin making it clear who did the body for the fune.

T-Pain has released an album of cover songs titled "On Top Of The Covers". I'm so happy to hear this because I miss his energy in the music industry. I have always been a fan. I hope he is more careful with his bag this time too.

Remember Darling, the show must go on and in good fashion.

With Love Mutha


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