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Wendy... How You Doin`??!

Forever Wendy | Monday February 26th, 2024 | Fe Nelson

This weekend Lifetime premiered their "Where is Wendy Williams?" 2 part documentary.

Wendy Williams is a pioneer in the industry. There is no question about her success, it is undeniable. She has pushed the envelop to give good quality work. Facts after facts, no matter who liked it or not. Regardless of how much shade she receives from her strategies the reality is people loved her work because she is real and genuine. She is unapologetic and has always stated that she is going to do what she gets paid to do.

With that being said, having watched the documentary it is eyeopening. It is sad to see Wendy in this manner. The reality of life is that it can hit any one of us at any point. It is worth the watch as it is insightful. Despite the controversies and issues highlighted in the episodes we hope that she can continue to get the support she needs.

If you watched it what was your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below...

We love you Wendy and thank you for bringing real and raw content to radio and daytime television. We send you love as you are in our thoughts and our prayers!

For resources please visit: Wendy Williams Resources


Fë Nelson

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