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Porsha!... Porsha...POORsha!

Updated: Feb 25

WHO TF DID I MARRY SZN 2? | Friday February 23rd, 2024 | Fe Nelson

Hunty!!!!! The tea this week was giving what it needed to give! On this season of "Who TF Did I Marry?, RHOA of Atlanta Star Porsha Williams. Who has officially filed for divorce from her husband Simon Guobadia.

As much as we may have anticipated this a few years back when this union, partnership, situationship, whatever you want to call it began...I still don't believe ANY of us would have expected quits so early, 15 short months??? EH EH! As the Africans would say! This does not top Kim Kardashian but will certainly go down in history.

Just shy of a year or two we have seen Porsha be a "my man, my man, my man" girlie! No statement or comment from her as yet since the news hit the internet but

the switch is very interesting! Simon, on the other hand, was in the media spotlight for controversies before they got together and has remained under scrutiny.

Did Porsha do her homework before marrying him? Was this a financial move for Porsha? Did she marry him for the lavish wedding luxuries and dowry? Do we feel bad? Is she the victim or the villain? Did she con the conman? Was this for a green card?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section!

So many conclusions and speculations but something is going on and the truth will always come to light!


Fë Nelson

CEO of Indie Flex Music. Music Industry Professional. Musician, Producer & Songwriter. Host of The Indie Flex Show


Twitter & Instagram @Focusedfe_


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