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The Big Red Boot

Updated: Apr 11

MSCHF Take Over | Tuesday March 7th, 2023 | Tiasia Newman

Everyone is raging over The Big Red Boot by art collective MSCHF. The "Astro Boy Boots'' are a fashion must have for fashion influencers everywhere. They were officially released on February 16 but they had already gone viral. Coi Leray wore them with a look from Matthew Mazui for her halftime performance at the Brooklyn Nets basketball game, while Ciara paired them with a vintage Thriller graphic tee and what appeared to be black Addias socks. Janelle Monet was seen at NBA All Star Week held at the Vivint Arena in Salt Lake City wearing a custom pair in baby blue with clouds accompanied by a matching bomber jacket. Little Wayne wore them on the set of his new video featuring NLE Chappa. Shai Gilegeous-Alexander was the first to appear with the boots on his way to a game against the LA Lakers.

The boots fit the aesthetic of their creators to the tee. MSCHF is known for pushing the envelope when it comes to their releases. Their previously most famed releases were the Satan Sneaker created in collaboration with Lil Nas X, along with a pair that resemble medical braces and birkenstock sandals made from Hermes Birkins.

The boots are made of TPU rubber and EVA foam. Though they sold out in a matter of minutes, many have complained about the functionality of the shoes. Either way if you don't already have them join the waiting list stat. The original retail price is $350 but the official site is a dead end if you want them as soon as possible. Stock X has them listed from $700-$1400. You can of course find them on Ebay for $899-$1800. The cheapest I found them was for $690 on the resale site Grailed but they have very limited sizes. I don't care how long it takes, I have to find them. Rick Dick posted a number of collaborative concepts including Addias and Montclair that I just loved. Many others have posted black versions and booties as well. I honestly want to see them all in my closet in the near future. Truth is they made fashion history and I simply want to be a part of it. Remember Darling the show must go on and in good fashion.

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