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20 Years And Counting

Updated: Feb 19, 2023

WHERE DID TIME GO? | Saturday January 7th, 2023 | Tiasia Newman

I don't think I am alone in acknowledging the stress of 2003 being 20 whole years ago. All of my millennial counterparts understand my grief of pushing up to 40 like it's the baddest bitch in the club. Back aches and talking bones give us theme music for every sudden move we make. Don't let a kid run through the house yelling, now our mother’s voice is escaping our lips without thought. The 2000s gave us culture and rebellion.

2003 whispered, hey you there, none of us are gonna make it out alive so live it up. Itunes let us stream music for free after we lived through making cassette tapes. Tyra Banks debuted America’s Next Top Model giving us a glance at the cost of her view from the runway. Suddenly everyone was on their phone at every sushi bar open as if it was just added to the menu. Dinner dates with minimal conversation and fishy fingerprints on their screens were the highlight of many people’s lives.

Now looking back, 2003 gave us mediocre fashion that still has us in a chokehold today. Staples like the studded belt and tattoo choker (which I did then and still hate now) were any and everywhere. We found ourselves in the airbrush era as well. My son’s first birthday shirt was custom airbrushed 3 years later. The rebels wore cropped tops and cargo pants so well that Aaliyah smiled down watching us. I was empowered when Alica was on TV with the dopest braids I had ever seen. Meanwhile, Gregory Hines tapped out into the night leaving her the keys to his piano.

Brittney Spears kisses Madonna on live tv. The Black Album taught us how to solve 99 problems while being dressed well. Michael Jordan retired from basketball and I honestly don't think I ever watch another game by choice. We didn't have to ask anybody shit cause we had google. You may have even found the jacket you left at your friend's house listed on ebay under vintage love. 50 cent told us to “Get Rich Or Die Tryin” but we could still be "in the club". A dude could still buy us a drink as long as he wasn’t asking "21 questions". Beyonce made it ok to be "crazy in love".

All and all I would say 2003 was good for us. I am glad I'm still here 20 years later with my health and strength! Following you will find a list of the hottest songs of 2003 in case you want to take a trip down memory lane. Remember Darling, the show must go on and in good fashion!

With Love, Mutha!


Edge, Elegance and it be designing pieces or words, the work speaks for itself! Giving her take on compelling topics Mutha doesn't play! Follow @4_U_2_luv

Tiasia Newman

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