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"Almost Famous" ....a Vibe You Can't Deny!

Manny LiTT is an artist with a lot potential. While listening to his project “Almost Famous,” I hear the different directions he can go, and it’s hard not to be intrigued with him. In a project full of betrayal, hardships, and success, Manny LiTT fills it up nicely with catchy hooks, flashy beats, and smooth flows. Even though having the sky as your limit is a good thing, it doesn’t come without its’ critiques. Manny’s sound is a vibe you can’t deny it, but I want to hear him experiment more. I want to hear him try new things beat wise. Vocally, I would like to hear him take more risks, and I want to hear him play around with his voice with some effects to see what he could cook up.

As a rap fan, I would love to hear more. The most experimental he got on “Almost Famous,” was on his record “Down.” With the song being carried by a melancholy guitar, painful vocals, and powerful lyrics, it had to be my favorite on the project. On top of all that, it ends with this airy chopped and screwed beat switch that I thought was a real nice touch. Push, young man, push.

Manny LiTT is the perfect example of a secure and comfortable artist. What I mean by that is this, no great individual in history, from Jay-Z to Steve Jobs, became great by doing what they’re used to, or by sticking to what they felt was the norm. To be great, you must dare to be. The talent, the drive, the passion, it’s all there for Manny! I want to see him push the envelope but I’m excited to hear what he has in store.




Contributing Music Journalist for Indie Flex Music

Instagram: @tobitones_

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