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MUSIC NEWS Wednesday August 31st, 2022

This year's VMAs were held at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey on August 28th. Many artists walked away with their awards in peace. However it was showstopper Lizzo who is trending for her epic acceptance speech for her Video For Good award. But first we must go back in time to earlier this week.

Comedian Aries Spears was filmed in an interview giving his very raw and unfiltered option about Lizzos bodyweight, shape, and the clothes she chooses to adorn herself with. Aries was asked his thoughts on Lizzo’s talent in the music industry by the interviewer who was singing her praises. Aries chose to respond with “She’s shaped like a shit emogi” but in the same statement said “he aint the most in shape nigga in the world” only with a fraction of the energy he had when referring to Lizzo. This comment was the start of a rant mixed with insults and compliments that the ladder canceled like a 90s sitcom. “ Her music hard, her body isn’t” I don't think it would have been such an outraged had his response been relevant to the question he was asked. Spears commented "women you should be telling Lizzo, Sista put the eclair down instead of yessss sis slay.” Of course the internet as a whole was and still is in a complete uproar. Believe me they want his head on a stick. Spears excused his comments with the fact that he is a comedian and only uses what the other team gives him. Only Lizzo didn't attend the game.

Even Mike Epps saw fit to chime in on his fellow comedian's comments. Epps posted ``''He looks dirty and hasn’t been on tv since mad tv” These comments ensued a back and forth between the famed funny guys. Aries responded in part saying “Everyone can't handle Yayo that has not been stepped on” A fancy way of saying people don’t wanna hear the truth straight away.

I actually do really agree with this fact. But Sir, let's practice what you preach. I saw a video of him responding to a few truths some ladies whispered in his ear that didn’t move him to tears in appreciation of their admiration. He gave an opposing opinion to their comments. One that I’m sure he himself will never admit his success in comedy played the biggest role in facilitating.

Lizzo didn’t respond to these comments via ig nor twitter. Instead this queen stood in front of millions of people that support her and those who don’t while she made her stance on it clear. Stating “ Lizzo why you don't clap back?? Why you don’t clap back?? Because I'm winning hoe. Big Bitches is winning hoe" Now she didn’t but, she truly could have dropped the mic and tip topped off that stage. The one I'm not sure Spears has ever had the pleasure of standing on with an award in his grasp but that’s shade for another day.

Now kudos to Lizzo and her record label for not treating her like so many full figured artists that have come before her. For generations the music industry has moved and grooved to the voices of plus sized artists. Executives wanted the power of their voices and the art of their talents but not the vision of them. Labels left many on the shelf to collect dust but we all know what it takes to knock down a “ Brick House”.

The Weather Girls took the world by storm and told anyone who didn't like it to “Hit The Road Jack”.

The anointing Kelly Price carried wouldn’t let her rest until she spoke the words “I Can’t Hide” over her own life. Jill Scott had an eye for “Fool’s Gold” and left it to live up to its value. Now there’s Lizzo deciding to “Let Em Say” whatever they may because her voice is being heard loud and clear. So cheers to the ladies who look like our mothers, favorite aunties, and baby cousins alike singing the sound tracks to our lives while the industry tries to rob them of theirs. From the club to the cookout these women put a whole new meaning to “Watch Out For The Big Girls” at the top of their careers.

Understand no matter the waist size it do take nerve to stand in “Chanel Pearls'' bearing the “Soul Of A Woman” and say, feel free to “ Hate On Me ``''Love You Bitch” in a room full of people who paid to criticize you, not your gift. And remember Darling, the show must go on and in good fashion.

With Love Mutha


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