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It Could Happen, You Listen to Heem and Like It

Artist Review

Heemer Da Steemer - or as he goes under his stage name as “Heem” is a unique rapper these days. It is very evident that the artist takes inspiration from the legends, such as DMX, Dr.Dre, and more but also from his fellow musicians, such as Conway, Benny the Butcher. The artist already got a lot of collaborations with Benny the Butcher, DJ Green Lantern, and many more. The songs are having vintage easy beats and flow, which are bringing a lot of memories from the 90’s rap scene.

The track “It could happen”, is quite catchy. The artist gives us a list of possibilities basically, reminding us that anything could happen and you need to prepare yourself. The music isn't too aggressive, more on the smooth side with lyrics, flow, and beats. For example, another song called “Menace to society” is emphasizing the pressure on the streets for Afro-American people, law, and society. The lyrics have a lot of hidden meanings. Worth listening to.


DIANA Contributing Music Journalist for Indie Flex Music Instagram @diewake

Disclaimer: We do not own rights to this music. Music was submitted to us for promotional purposes as per artist and/or his/her management team.

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