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Irv Gotti “Always on time” or “Foolish”

MUSIC NEWS Wednesday August 24th, 2022

There were a lot of happenings in hip-hop this week but one trending topic has me at odds with myself. I'm trying to figure out if Irv Gotti is a genius or simply a foolish jester. Either way he is giving a stellar performance. Gotti and his team may just be the smartest people to show their faces in front of the camera this year. I mean don't get me wrong i think his tactics are lame as fuck. However, he is a marketing genius.


The old saying goes "all press is good press" In a recent interview on the podcast Drink Champs Gottie started by pushing the narritive that Ashanti would not appear in "The Murder Inc Story". A documentary telling of the life and times of the once number one label in hip -hop Murder Inc. Gottie went on to run a smear campaign on a subject that everyone already knows about and added some colorful words to make it appear new. This makes me wonder if this rant is a trade to make up for not giving Ashanti her masters. I'm sure some time will pass but there will come a day when she is healed enough to tell her story and when she does the check will clear.

The immediate benefit for Ashanti is that people are gonna want to work with her just because of the slander she is enduring openly. At the least her name is ringing in the ears of her fans and her songs will be blowing in the wind for the rest of the summer. Ashanti has already proven that she is still relevant to the industry for her talent. Let's not forget that she won't even give Gotti the pleasure of giving interviews responding to the comments saw fit to make. Ever the posed lady Ashanti chose to post on her twitter "Morning y'all. Sending out positive energy" accompanied by enough shady emojis to be clear who they were intended for.

In the past Ashanti and Lloyd have publicly expressed their grievances with Gottie on a professional level. Gotti on the other hand has attempted to destroy both the artists reputations and character repeatedly. I think the lack of response from his targets are only making matters worse because it leaves so much room for speculation. Fans are one the edge of their seats wondering what's gonna happen next. I wish I could say I'll miss the documentary but I would be lying. Just the fact that Vita, Charlie Balitimore, and Rah Digga might be featured are enough for me. Other industry heavy hitters have chimed in on the conversation including Fat Joe, Judge Mathis, and of course Nelly.

Gotti himself stated he was "way past that" when it came to the affair he had with Ashanti over 20 years ago. Yet it's the most valid thing in his interviews while promoting the documentary on his entire career. It seems maybe Gotti knows something he's not telling us but I think I may have caught on. Though it could have been done with a little more cooth Irv just put every artist ever signed to murder inc back on the map. Seeing as he goes by the name Gotti he sits at the head of the table a made man. He sent down an order to expose his crew and managed to raise them from the dead.

So again i ask is he a piece of shit or a genius music mogul who just showed the industry is biggest flex? Let me know what you think in the comments. And remember Darling, the show must go on and in good fashion.

With Love Mutha


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