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IMONI: A Promising Soulful Future

Artist Review

Out of the few artists I have written about up until now, I can honestly say IMONI is hands down the most interesting of the bunch. Her name, her social media, and her sound all have this unique energy that captures a listener instantly. Her voice is beautifully airy, it blends in so well with the beat that even the lyrics sometimes gets lost in it. Her voice is also soulful in a way, a sound that is a very lovely blend between two very different worlds.

IMONI has three singles out right now. Two of them coming out last year, and one of them coming out in 2017. All of them are very good, the only critique I have on them is annunciation. Sometimes I feel like her lyrics get lost in her music, and I think if she takes the time to make those lyrics clearer it would help push her art further. In her song “Hide & Seek,” you can hear all of the potentials. I thought the formant shift that was used was a very nice touch, her flow blended and complimented the beat nicely, I just got lost in certain moments of the song because I couldn’t make out what she was saying, specifically when the beat first comes in.

Overall, I think IMONI shows a lot of promise, and even though her voice and energy, no pun intended, is unique in their own right. It would be great to see where she goes from here, hopefully rolling out a project. Whether it be a small EP or a full-on mixtape, the best way to showcase her abilities is on some sort of project, and I’m all here for it. Show me more IMONI, and keep pushing.



Music Journalist for Indie Flex Music

Instagram: @tobitones_


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