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Big Dreams For Better Things, Cobe Jones

Artist Review

Cobe, an artist, writer, producer who grew up in a family of 12 children emphasizes his life in music. When it comes to the choice of instruments in the songs, there is a variety of different sounds, starting from the classical synths to the synthesized strings. The usage of various instruments plus a soft “cloudy” voice of the artist creates a sound pleasant to listen to. The beat plays a very important role, it's not too heavy but provides a very nice groove.

The main ideas of the lyrics are very different, starting from the drugs and how “the hoes” want to get stoned to the everyday things happening in Cobes life. An artist is very active on social media platforms, which makes him more connected to the audience. I believe it is another good point for any beginner artist. One of the most famous songs of the author is called “Big Dream$”, which reached 100k views on YouTube. The lyrics are exciting and catchy ...

“I got big dreams

For bigger things

Spent money on a flight instead of a ring”

and also “Cuz it's hard being in a new city

Everybody wanna look pretty

And I only got about a buck fifty

But I still got my real ones with me

And I still want the F-550

And I still want love to come get me”

I believe that this track is the most popular, because of the deep sense of lyrics. The artist is a part of Compound Records, which in the late 90’s and 00’s were mostly focused on techno music. I guess now Records are looking for younger “fresh” talent and trying to adapt to the modern needs of the superfans.

Cobe Jone Instagram: @cobejonesmusic


DIANA Contributing Music Journalist for Indie Flex Music Instagram @diewake

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