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SOUNDSCAPES, Months in the making, Tittle’s latest EP

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

Album Review by Michael Grapel July 16th, 2021

From Andrew Little, a young guitarist growing up in Groton Connecticut, to the multi faceted singer, songwriter and producer we know today. Tittle’s latest EP shows us just how much he’s capable of as an artist. His first full-length project since 2020s Rolodex, Tittle is back with seven excellent tracks on his new album SOUNDSCAPES. Over the past year or so Tittle has been consistently dropping singles, many of which feature some of his incredibly talented network of fellow musicians.'SOUNDSCAPES' seven songs however, only contain one feature. That means this EP provides a raw, unfiltered lens into the mind of Andrew Little, a.k.a. Tittle. Combining elements of rock, pop, R&B, hip hop, and even some folk, Tittle’s versatility as a singer, songwriter, producer, and guitarist shines through on this project. His lyrics are heartfelt and relatable, his arrangements are crisp and compelling, and his hooks are catchy as hell. Every song offers something unique, but the record as a whole is sonically cohesive. Moreover, Tittle can be credited as the sole producer, composer, mixing engineer, and mastering engineer of the whole record, as he impressively made the whole album from his dorm room at Hamilton College. This track-by-track review is meant to highlight some of the best moments from the project and reveal the incredible amount of detail that went into it.

Track No. 1- "FEEL"

Immediately putting one of Tittle’s main musical influences in the spotlight, the opening track of SOUNDSCAPES samples a song by The Four Freshman, the same group used in Mac Miller’s posthumous hit, Blue World. When the beat comes in, the stereo field expands and the listener is transported to what feels like the inside of an old transistor radio. Meanwhile, Tittle’s voice smoothly grooves with the beat. His melodies will get stuck in your head, especially when the hook drops and the vocals are front and center. This track demonstrates a bit of all of Tittle’s strengths as a creator making the FEEL a perfect way to start the record

Track No. 2 - "CHANCES"

Moving on to the first single released as part of the project, we have the funky song

CHANCES. With one of the catchiest choruses on the album, this song features a disco-inspired guitar riff, poppy synths, and a syncopated bass line that reverberates through your whole soul. The result is a classic Tittle tune that’ll attract everybody to the dance floor.

Track No. 3 - "ANTIDOTE"

ANTIDOTE is a vibey song that shows us how great Tittle is at manipulating vocals. He pitches down his voice for the hook and uses that same effect for his ad-libs and harmonies. Then he proceeds to chop up his chorus for the breakdown section which also features a screeching electric guitar solo. Many of these sonic elements don’t seem like they should work together, but that’s just a testament to how creative Tittle gets with his production. Combining lo-fi with rock n’ roll was a bold move that resulted in one of the most chill gems on the EP.

Track No. 4 - "EGO"

Claiming the halfway spot on this album, EGO is the purest hip-hop track here. Tittle has defied expectations on this album by providing a broad range of sounds and styles, and this track continues that streak with a beat that’ll keep your head bumping for days. Not only does this song have yet another insanely catchy hook, but also a lyrical flow that will have you wondering why Tittle doesn’t rap more often!

Track No. 5 - "BLINDSPOT"

BLINDSPOT is the second and final single to come out before the album’s official release, and it contains the only feature on the project. The feature in question is singer Chris Victor who delivers one of the most emotional performances on the EP. Arrangement-wise, this somber song begins with tender piano chords but develops into an intense electronic synth-scape when the chorus comes in. Perhaps the most heartfelt moment in SOUNDSCAPES, Victor’s voice and Tittle’s production coalesce wonderfully. Hopefully, the two will collaborate again in the future...

Track No 6. - "BAREFOOT"

With sweeping melodies, vibrant harmonies, and a beautiful thick texture, BAREFOOT is one

of the more lighthearted moments on SOUNDSCAPES. No two songs on this album sound alike yet each track is expertly threaded together by his distinct style. At the forefront of this album are the unique methods that he uses to process his vocals and construct layers of harmony, and in this song, he employs those methods perfectly. Aspects of the production may take some inspiration from James Blake, particularly in the quality of the synths. Regardless, this song emanates pure Tittle.

Track No. 7 - "DON’T THINK"

Always unpredictable, Tittle offers one final surprise for the last song on the EP; with just his

voice and an electric guitar, he covers Bob Dylan’s Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right. What

a better way to end a record than to throw it back to one of the most iconic songwriters in history? DON’T THINK is an outstanding take on the tune and features a remarkable finger-picked guitar performance. By pitching up his vocals and reworking Dylan’s timeless melody, Tittle’s rendition of the song is truly his own. While it is certainly an outlier among the other tracks on SOUNDSCAPES, it makes sense that Tittle would want to close with one of his biggest influences, and it also doesn’t hurt that his version of the song is spectacular.

SOUNDSCAPES has me very excited for the future of Tittle. With this release, he finely

honed skills that he’s been developing for years, and the hard work paid off. Tittle is eclectic in his sound, polished in his production, authentic in his writing, and stellar in his performances throughout the EP. I’d recommend the album to anybody looking for a laugh, a cry, a dance, or simply a bop. SOUNDSCAPES releases on all streaming platforms Friday, July 16th


Michael G.

A&R Scout for Indie Flex Music.

Instagram @michaelgrape

Disclaimer: We do not own rights to this music. Music was submitted to us for promotional purposes as per artist and/or his/her management team.

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