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Pulling You In, The Siren - Zay P

Music Monday Artist | Monday March 27th, 2023 | Fë Nelson

There was yet another artist who stood out for Mor.Bookings’ Culture weekend held in NYC on Sunday, February 26. The artist known as Zay P makes it into the top 5 performances of the night. Fire Music, Stage presence, audience engagement, and a good ole catchy song. Letting us know there is so much more to him than what meets the eye with his debut song, "siren."

We were able to catch up with him, and here's what he had to say:


Fë: Congratulations, you recently performed at the Culture weekend with the Mor. Bookings agency. They crowned you as one of the best performers of the night. How does it feel to have others recognize your music?

Zay P: Thank you! Thank you! Yes, I'm so grateful and blessed to be in the top 5, picked out of 70 other artists to broadcast their talent. s present. So shout out to them! Getting up in front of many people and other artists at that & perform takes work.

Fë: Certainly not easy, but you are doing it! Let's get to know you a little bit; how would you describe yourself as an artist?

Zay P: Zay P is talented, ambitious, always true to himself, a go-getter & fearless. He is not afraid to say what he wants or put in some crazy ideas in my music or visuals very much creative. Just always ready for "what's next ."I'm representing my LGBTQ community & my bad b!tches and real n**gas, period. (laughs)

Fë: Talk to me about your recent song, Siren.

Zay P: Siren is my first single, released in 2022. So those who don't know what a Siren is, it's like a mermaid/merman. The definition of a siren is someone alluring but potentially dangerous, and that just about sums me up (laughs). So that is why the song was created. If you listen to the lyrics, you see why I call this song my masterpiece plus, it's my first release, so I hold this song to an all-time high. Something to pay attention to when you listen to Siren is how the beat starts; it sounds like something is calling you in, and I'm continuously saying in the beginning, "I'm a siren," basically pulling the audience in, and then first two lines go "is you dumb?"… "little N**ga, I'm only here for fun" is a prime example of why the song is called Siren.

Fë: What's the story behind that song?

Zay P: The story behind Siren would be me just growing up and loving Sirens. I was always fascinated by how they could easily pull people in through their looks and sound. They say you should never judge a book by its cover. That's exactly how I was growing up, judged by my look before anything, and I'm so much more than just a pretty boy.

Fë: What are some of your music goals?

Zay P: My only goal is to stay consistent and perfect my craft. I can get myself out there more so people can know that ZAY P is here, and not only is he here, he's here to stay!

Fë: What are some things your fans and followers can look forward to in the upcoming months?

Zay P: My Next step is Releasing my first EP sooner than you think. I am ready to let the world hear ZAY P from many perspectives. I'm prepared to show that I can not only do this but also do that. Let it be known that it is so much more to me than everyone thinks, so much potential! I feel like I am driven right now. Nothing can stop me, so when that Ep is released, that's what it will show.

Fë: Give us a message for the people...

Zay P: Never give up on yourself and never be afraid to be yourself. It's always you against them. Put yourself first, and don't ignore the signs God is giving you. For so long, I knew I could rap; I didn't pay attention to those signs. I could have been perfecting my craft long ago, but when it's your time, it's your time. Be patient!

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