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MUSIC MONDAY INTERVIEW | Monday March 13th, 2023 | Fë Nelson

Dubbed the best performer of the night by Mor.Bookings A&R Representative. This artist formally known as Dani Dash continues to shine. Singing her hit songs "Freakin` You", "Playing Games" and "Funny" she took the stage and owned it. Bringing the dopest music with incredible stage presence and catchy hooks. She had the audience engaged. Dani Dash is a force to be reckoned with.

We were able to speak with Dani Dash, Here's what she had to say....


Fë: Congratulations to you as You recently performed at the CUlture weekend with the Mor. Bookings agency. They crowned you as the artist with the overall best performance of the night. How does having others recognize your work, creativity, and music feel?

Dani Dash: Wow! I promise you, little old me had no clue I was considered the BEST performance of the night, but then again, every time I go on stage, I try to give you nothing but a show each time. It's my stage, and I want to connect with everyone, new and old. Music is my connection to people. The feeling is humbling and affirming, and I work so hard on my looks, stage presence, and music overall. These moments are bittersweet. Music is my medicine, so to be recognized for my talent? Priceless. I'm very blessed.

Fë: Dani Dash, Tell us a little about yourself and how you got started in music.

Dani Dash: A bit about me? I've been singing and dancing literally since I was three years old. It's been a part of my life forever. My mother and sister were great dancers, while my father was a singer and dancer/breaker in the 80s and early '90s, so it was instilled in my psyche. From a young I just always loved theatre, acting out scenes, and trying to imitate Mike and Janet or Tina Turner. I have always felt connected to music. Music is my destined calling.

Fë: Few people know or understand the depth of your experience within the music industry; talk to us a little about your time writing and referencing for DEF JAM.

Dani Dash: Absolutely!!! This is going to be such a funny story (laughs). Back when YouTube was becoming popular, and people were doing covers online to get noticed, I still have a very popular channel where I would do covers of artists' records. Well, apparently, an A&R saw my videos, found a way to reach me, and we met up, and the rest was history. I wrote maybe 20 songs with them. It was my first real-life studio experience working with professionals. This eventually led me to keep a record I wrote called "Keep Up," which was a reference track. After a couple of passes, someone suggested that I keep the record, and that's precisely what I did! God makes no mistakes.

Fë: Have you gotten any notable placements or songwriter credits?

Dani Dash: Absolutely! Two of my most notable records would be "Poker Face" ft Capella Grey and "One Shot" by Nino Man ft myself. NDAs do prevent you from speaking on more of your craft, but yes, writing was my way in!

Fë: NDAs? , I have heard of ghostwriters, I've heard of singers doing references. However, I just found out that NDAs came into the agreement. How was that experience for you, coming into the industry circuit and having to learn the "business" aspects?

Dani Dash: You would be surprised how many newer and up-and-coming artists who find themselves in the hands of more prominent labels or artists must sign them in exchange for their art. It's frustrating because you are excited, like, "YES, I've got this big placement," and then you can't even really enjoy it aloud. After all, you're not yet considered established enough to take the credit.

Fë: Wow, that can be disappointing! Was it challenging to learn? Did you feel like you were being swept off your feet having to learn the business aspect of music?

Dani Dash: A lot of it was a dream crusher, to be honest, I've even recorded full-blown records for movies, shows, and documentaries only for them never to be released, and there's nothing you can do about that because you've signed paperwork. The reality of the downside of the business is discouraging, but this also happens when you come into the game green. You will get taken advantage of.

Fë: Yeah, true, it is a learning experience. What is one piece of advice you would have given yourself when you first started looking back now?

Dani Dash: Honestly?! To SPEAK UP MORE! Nowadays, I'm so hands-on and vocal with anything that goes into my career that it's hard to believe I sat around and let many things happen to me that did. However, I feel it's all in God's timing.

Fë: A lot of time and effort goes into the artistry, has there ever been a moment where you felt discouraged? If yes, how do you overcome and find the drive to keep pushing forward?

Dani Dash: Absolutely! Though I try not to thrive in that type of low vibrational energy, everyone has their days. Things may be going a bit slow for you, and you may see your peers surpassing you, making you feel like you're not doing enough or even good enough. However, I know I'm a gem and my talent is undeniable, so I try to remind myself of that when I get beside myself. One thing about me is I'm a very spiritual woman. I pray, meditate, and listen to chakra music, and I, most importantly, have a pure circle of close friends who keep me sane and grounded. They constantly remind me that I am "Dani Dash" and to always walk in that identity even when I don't feel like it. You almost have to pretend on the days you don't believe it. Then you train yourself to!

Fë: So listen, I am a fan; as a songwriter, I must give it to you. This song is so creative, and your song is "Funny (signs)" tell us about that.

Dani Dash: Awww, thank you! Man, yes, "Funny," that's my baby. This song is so special to me; well, I'm a Pisces and very into astrology and love, and I've always wanted to interpret the signs in a way that felt good and organic to the ear. I love Bootsie Collins's "Rather Be With You," and Janet Jackson's "Funny How Time Flies" is one of my all-time favorite records. If I can be candid, the song was written about the person I am currently dating (laughs). You know how they say they will write about you if you date a singer? The idea just came from observing the behaviors of the way people love while connecting them to the traits that each sign possesses. I know astrology is a big thing right now, and I wanted to give a thematic record that felt organic to the soul.

Fë: That is dope. I do that with My partner as well. It depends on whether she likes the song, and you may know how that goes. What would you say is the best thing about writing songs for you?

Dani Dash: Plainly put, being able to tell you a story from my point of view. When I first have the idea of a record in my head, I can hear it playing. So once it's recorded and I hear the Final Cut, it's humbling. I love placing the listeners in a state of mind; have them wondering, why do I feel like I'm in love even if I'm single? (laughs) It's about the connections I make with you all. I want to relate to you all and give you that 90's 00's style of rnb that we grew up on!

Fë: Where do you get your ideas and concepts to write from?

Dani Dash: A lot of the time, when I write it is an experience. Whether mine, a friend's, or something I know that we can all relate to. I get inspiration in so many ways; I could be listening to an old song and remixing it, I could be heartbroken, in love, feeling like I'm that girl, or I could want to talk my grown and sexy talk. I usually listen to the beats first and then to what the beat tells me. Like, okay "this is a baby maker, this is a love song ballad," and so on. There are levels and a method to my music madness (laughs).

Fë: Do you have any dream collaborations? If yes, who?

Dani Dash: On top of my head, I would say artist wise: Chris Brown, Sade, Bryson Tiller, Victoria Monet, Lucky Daye, H.E.R, and a verse from the Queen, Nicki Minaj!

Fë: I can hear your voice paired with all of those artists! What things can we look forward to seeing from you this year?

Dani Dash: Towards the end of March, I will officially drop my 4th EP, including "Funny." I also won another show before this where I receive radio promo and air play. So once the single is spinning I am hopeful more doors will open up for me. I am planning to go on tour later in the year. I have a couple of music videos coming out and most importantly, a very special record for the culture. That will have all female artist and we're going to show the boys that this is our world. We, as women dominate this industry too! I also recently connected with someone in ATL who will be giving me the opportunity to write for a famous singer that used to be in a group when she was first introduced to us in the 90s.

Fë: If you had to give a message to anyone reading this interview, what would you tell them?

Dani Dash: Fight. Believe. Show Up! There will be days when you will feel defeated, and there will be days you're on Cloud 9. Regardless of the day, you need to be present and clear about your purpose. Keep track of your goal, and your name will make noise. Walk in your identity unapologetically and never let anyone else's success deter you. Mentally be grounded, keep a good team of people behind you, lock into your craft, take pointers and most importantly - brand yourself. Make sure you do everything with intention. The rest will follow.

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