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Rom 30 Ready For Take Off

MUSIC MONDAY ARTIST INTERVIEW | Monday March 13th, 2023 | Fe Nelson

What does it take to be an artist in this day and time? One that can truly capture the attention of men and women alike... Think about it. Most people think about Michael or Janet Jackson, having the ability to perform both in song and dance. But, even Queen B, Beyonce, or maybe the essence of a true artist can be found in the liking of Chris Brown. There is no for sure blueprint, however, Rom 30 can capture the audience of both men and women alike. Whether it is singing sweet melodies or rapping, He will deliver. Also, one of the best performances of the Mor. Bookings, Culture Weekend Showcase Rom 30, and performers Peach Mulla, Businessman, Zay P and Dani Dash. Bringing dope music, incredible stage presence and catchy hooks...Rom 30 gave a performance worth remembering...

We got to chop it up with Him; here's what he had to say...


Fë: Rom, Tell us a little about yourself and how you got started in music.

Rom 30: I'm a young man from the Bronx pursuing his passion. Music runs in my family. My Uncle and older brother were artists long before I was, and I was always interested in it. However, I didn't have the courage to share anything I created until my boy's Opinion convinced me to get in the booth, and I have been obsessed with being an artist since.

Fë: Congratulations, you recently performed at the Culture weekend with the Mor. bookings agency. They crowned you as one of the best performers of the night. How does it feel to have others recognize your music?

Rom 30: It's amazing to have people recognize my music. For so long, I wouldn't show anyone anything I had written. So I'm so grateful to have opened up enough to be recognized.

Fë: Who are your biggest musical influences?

Rom 30: I draw from many influences, and I had different eras where I was really into various artists such as Kanye, Drake, 50 Cent, and Tupac.

Fë: What motivates you to create?

Rom 30: I am absolutely obsessed with finding out how great I can be, and I'm always trying to outdo myself

Fë: Describe your music.

Rom 30: My music tends to align with high melodic energy and raw emotion. I enjoy expressing myself in my art.

Fë: You don't find many artists these days that sing and rap; which do you prefer most?

Rom 30: I enjoy singing more because I would have never thought that my music would consist of singing and that people would like my voice.

Fë: You also do not see many males talking about their relationships in the light of being heartbroken or expressing their feelings in a sense; what helps you to be so vulnerable?

Rom 30: I'm just telling my story. Creating music has been very therapeutic in dealing with my past traumas. I also wanted to be different and stand out, so what better than sharing my experiences.

Fë: Do you find toxic masculinity affects those supporting your music?

Rom 30: Not at all. I'm just telling my story from a different point of view of my life. At one point, I had a particular mindset to grow from. As I continue to create music, people will see the space my head is in currently. I have to continue to tell the story of where I was and how I got to where I am now.

Fë: Is it safe to say you have more female than male fans?

Rom 30: it is probably a safe assumption, but it's not much more than the male fans at this point.

Fë: Why do you think that is?

Rom 30: My authenticity. I don't try to be something I am not; my female fans gravitate to that. I also sing a lot, so that helps too.

Fë: What can we expect from you in the upcoming months?

Rom 30: Expect to keep seeing my progress. I am currently working on my next project, so more songs, more visuals, more performances, and more importantly, more Rom30

Fë: What do you want to say to those reading your interview?

Rom 30: I want to tell anyone that reads my interview that anything you want to achieve is possible, and there is no expiration date on chasing your dreams. Over the past year, I have grown as a person coming from the shy, quiet kid who didn't know what he wanted to do with his life to opening up and my music being acknowledged. So don't stop believing in yourself and good luck!

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