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Music Monday Artist: STARRLEE

Who is Starr Lee?

Hailed from Brooklyn, Twenty-four (24) years old, Panamanian RnB artist and songwriter on the rise. Her versatile flow and rhythm provide listeners with a Netflix -n- Chill vibe. Her recent track "Patience" could be looked upon as a woman’s “Know Your Worth” Spring anthem. Everything about her and her music speaks confidence, from her phenomenal look, her rich vocals and lyrics. Starr Lee has a story to tell. She has been pleasing our ears since 2019, released her first EP “Starr Lee” in 2020, and continues to fulfill our hearts, minds, ears, and souls with her lovely vocals. Be on the lookout for Starr Lee because she is here to STAY!

See interview below...


Focusedfe: For those who aren't too familiar with you, tell us a little about yourself

Starrlee: I am 24 years old Brooklyn raised , island girl from Panama. Singer & Songwriter. I’m very passionate about my music . I work as a doctors assistant but everything I do is all for music . I’ma do it for the rest of my life . I was singing from the time I knew I could talk . My real name is Ashley however I knew from young that I was a Starr so I got my artist name from that.

Focusedfe: What inspires you to write and push forward in music?

Starrlee: Seeing the reaction from other about a song I make inspires and push me to keep going. I mostly want it so bad to help my parents out I feel like they should be living life right now so I really wanna pay for everything so they can do that. also, just actually loving how I feel while doing it . It’s really an escape for me. I feel invincible

Focusedfe: Tell us about your recent single "Patience"

Starrlee: Patience originated straight from the heart. It expresses what I demand in a relationship knowing that being an artist is a busy lifestyle the person I I’ve must be patient with me .

Focusedfe: Who are your musical inspirations?

Starrlee: My musical inspirations are Lauryn Hill & Meek Mill.

Focusedfe: Do you consider yourself and RnB artist or do you see yourself being versatile in different genres?

Starrlee: I consider myself a versatile artist however R&B will always be my main genre.

I’ve gotten into reggae and Spanish music and I can see myself doing pop.

Focusedfe: Who is you’re dream collaboration?

Starrlee: I have several artist that I would love to collab with however as soon as things hit I’m dying to collab with Toosi and Teyana Taylor

Focusedfe: What message would you like to leave with our followers & listeners

Starrlee: I have 2 videos and an EP out . Keep me uplifted in the process because I got a whole lot of stuff I’m already doing . Keep tuning in & showing love!


Follow Starrlee

Instagram : @therealstarrlee

Facebook: Starr Lee

Twitter : @starrmilli

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