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Music Monday Artist: Shaney Blaxx

Catching up with the Gwap General! Dancehall, Cannibis & His New Song "Cuban Links"

When you think want to hear dancehall music there is no doubt that you think about the greats. Sean Paul, Beenie Man, Vybz Kartel, Lady Saw, Spice and many many more. All great artist that have put out some of our best go to dance music. Today I want you to take a good look at this artist, Shaney Blaxx. Undoubtedly one of the best dancehall artist of todays generation. We are talking lyrics, flow, freestyle and punchlines. His songs will have you ready for the summertime flex! Songs such as "Gwap Wi A Gwap" "720" and his latest release "Cuban Links". We got a chance to catch up with our good friend, Shaney's what he had to say!


Fe: Tell us about yourself and how you got started in dancehall music?

Shaney Blaxx: I am a calm relaxed, easy-going individual and I love doing music, it's my passion. The main reason I got into music is my grandmother she loved music. Any chance she got to sing she was ready. She got a chance to sing with the legendary Frankie Paul but grandma was shy. She didn't take it seriously so I am one on the journey mama left.

Fe: How would you define dancehall?

Shaney Blaxx: Dancehall is a very competitive heavyweight boxing ring. You have to be tough, bad, and lyrical ready!

Fe: Who is your favorite dancehall artist?

Shaney Blaxx: My favorite dancehall artist is Beenie Man for old school and Chronixx in the new school.

Fe: NYC recently legalized Marijuana, what's your take on it?

Shaney Blaxx: My take on it is, Ah long time dem fi free up di herb. (Patois) Less violence and more people in meditation.

Fe: How would you describe Jamaica's influence in the marijuana business?

Shaney Blaxx: Great because it has been years that Rastafarians in Jamaica have been fought for the legalization of the herb. Now the world smoking weed.

Fe: Where do you think dancehall will be in 10 years?

Shaney Blaxx: Worldwide, mainstream! Dancehall has been cross so many times so we expect big things. You can see the world joining dancehall

Fe: You're a song machine, tell us what inspires you to write?

Shaney Blaxx: Good vibes! Without great sound and good lyrics you cant have good music. Listening to Bob Marley, Beres Hammond an many other REGGAE legends I have no other choice to do good music and try to put myself in a legendary place.

Fe: You recently released your song, Cuban Links, what was the inspiration or story behind the song?

Shaney Blaxx: Honestly, the car I drive is not common. Everything I do. Everything I wear. It's no regular thing. My lifestyle different, jewelry dem custom, real golden nugget gwap it no regular thing.

Fe: Is there an album coming out soon?

Shaney Blaxx: Yes there's an album forwarding soon but I choose to say less and show more. Everything will be announced!


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Manager: Judah Jacobs

Indie Flex Music Contributor


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