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Music Monday Artist: Really Khalil

Dreams Became Reality, How Did Really Khalil Do Dat?

From homelessness to stardom, Really Khalil has proven that hard work does pay off. While he’s clearly enjoying the fact that his pockets have gotten fatter, he remains humble and focuses on his craft. With his songs such as “Do Dat” and “Supermodel”, the brilliant songster is creating a blistering musical "heat wave" and it’s only getting hotter.


Fe: Khalil, Tell us a little bit about yourself and where you’re from Khalil’?

Really Khalil: I go by Really Khalil. It is my real middle name. My mom would always say that when I would get in trouble and I kinda carry that side of me with my music. I live in Atlanta, Georgia right now and I have been making music since 2019 and since then, I’ve gotten a few things under my belt. I was able to land one of my latest songs on the Apple Music editorial playlist in Turkey which put me on being on the top Hip Hop 100 Turkey charts as well. I also got a chance to have that song in the iHeart Radio artist immigration program as well so that was pretty cool. Seeing all the different cities around the country, It feels good that people are listening and enjoying it. I was homeless at one point and it wasn’t until after I got on my feet that I started calling myself Khalil. I had quit music for a little bit because I felt that was causing my homelessness and I was like I needed to just focus on myself. I felt that music was a distraction and I quit. I broke up with music and for some reason, I got creative again and my sound changed, everything about me and my creative plan changed. It was great, it poured out of me and I have been going strong ever since.

Fe: Well first and foremost, salute to you because that is not an easy situation to go through, and having worked for DHS in NYC I've seen first hand the challenges of that. So, more power to you, and I love your authenticity. It's not easy to share certain things, especially things that are challenging experiences. I think that’s what makes our story and our journey, even our art that we put out even more unique because it comes with a story.

Really Khalil: I feel that stories like that and people like us give people hope because someone pointed out that there are people that are going through things that are not as bad as homelessness and to see a person going through something that rough and experience and achieve success would give them hope. It is inspiring.

Fe: Absolutely, it is. So one of the things that I am a firm advocate about is people living in their truth and what resonates with them. Especially from a creative point and when it comes to producing. I’m always encouraging artists to let their music tell a story. How would you describe your music?

Really Khalil: My music is true. My name is Really Khalil for a reason you know. I try to tell my story the best way I possibly can. My story is pretty rough so sometimes you feel that pain. Other times it's therapy. I may talk about the pain but the vibes, in general, may just uplift you. It was for me first, to uplift me and make me feel better but also at the same time I know I am making music for the world to listen to. I feel like I need to make people happy. That's my job. I have the power to change emotions, so which emotion do I choose? And I choose happiness for myself and I choose happiness for others. Even when I talk about my story, my story is not happiness, it's not but the general things that shape me and the things that have affected me the most. I thought at the time that they were so damaging and I feel it is important to talk about this stuff. I focus on those things but I try to also focus on love and a little lust and other things that affect us the most. Hunger and Lust are the two main things. Sex even. Those are the things that I focus on.

Fe: Absolutely. Would you say that most of your songs are real life experiences that you’re talking about?

Really Khalil: Most definitely. Always.

Fe: You recently released ‘Supermodel’ in February. Tell us what that song is about?

Really Khalil: Yeah. That song is interesting. That talks about how I had bad experiences and turning them into something good. The song basically talks about my girlfriend and how we are working towards our dreams. The hook is "front seat, back seat fuckin’ in the car yeah”. I never really had a bed or a house or anything to do ‘that’ in. Some people feel that they don’t need that, other people feel that they just want it. It’s a natural thing. It’s a natural instinct to want. When you don’t have your own place, it’s kinda disheartening but I have to make good out of the bad. It talks about a time where the car was the only private space that I had. I don’t say that directly in the song because that is not the type of song for that. For me, that is just a message. Just because you might have a perception of me doesn’t mean that’s what I’m writing about.

Fe: Yeah. I love the video. What was the drive or inspiration in creating the video?

Really Khalil: The video was my girls' idea. She directed the video. It was her idea, she wrote the whole storyline and we brought it to life and was so pleased to see the result. It was in her brain and to be able to see it in front of you. That’s a new feeling. She directed it, she shot it and I feel like it is amazing! I love it! We are a two-man team, just me and her to get the job done. More recently, the video that we will be shooting this weekend is with the whole crew. So every video we aim to be better so we couldn’t just keep going with the two-man team thing. We’d be on a plato where we wanna be on an incline.

Fe: Absolutely

Really Khalil: so yeah this next video that we will be shooting is going to be crazy! In the last video, we focused on the 70s so in this one we will be focusing on the 80s. We are just going to take people out of the reality that is, it’s 2021, we are dealing with COVID 19. People are losing their jobs, and sometimes you want to experience or watch something that just makes you forget what you are going through. I would say what we are going through is sort of a depression era. One of the many things about the Great Depression that help people get through it was the movie theaters. You go to the movies and you’re in there 45 minutes to an hour and you feel like you are where ever the movie is showing and it makes you forget. That is what I want to do with my music always. I want people to forget what's real. Yeah, my life is real but it may not be real to them. I take people out of the norm and bring them somewhere where.

Fe: Absolutely, take them on a journey. Also like you said, giving them some insight into your story.

Really Khalil: Facts

Fe: The song that you submitted is called “Do Dat”. Rell us about that song...

Really Khalil: That is the song that we are doing the video for this weekend and that video should come out sometime in May. ‘Do Dat’ is get up and have fun! That is literally what the song is all about. I do talk about my life a little bit in it but I don’t put too many details of my life in it because that’s not for this song. ‘Do Dat’ is strictly a party, have some fun, sweat it out you know, whatever. The feature, she brought her own story into it. The feature is amazing, it was the first time I ever worked with her. Her name is Plush Eesh. I feel like she has a future if she continues with music and takes everything serious which she has done so far in the process. I am proud of her for that and I am looking forward to doing this video with her and the world seeing what she is about. She has a story to tell as well.

Fe: Awesome! I like the song. One thing, I realize that you are in Atlanta right?

Really Khalil: We are in Savanah

FE: Yeah. One of the things that Georgia artists are famous for is having a good summer or dance bop. When I heard it I was like, yeah. I can see this at the club and party you know!

Fe: so where can the supporters find and follow you and hear your music, keep in touch with you, all that?

Really Khalil: Everything, all social media is Really Khalil. The only one that is different is twitter. Twitter is Really_Khalil and my Tik Tok is ReallyKhalil_2pm. You can contact me through my Email,

You can watch my videos on Vevo and Apple music, Facebook Watch. I also have a website where all my music plays which is I try to make everything similar as much as I possibly could, I want to make it easy for people to find me. Most likely if you type in Really Khalil you will find me and I will come up.


Artist Contact

Twitter: Really_Khalil

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