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Music Monday Artist: MS.DESIRE

This Soca "Queen" is ready to "Show It Off"....

In the world of music, there are but so many genres that really make you want to get up and dance. Even less that make you wish you was on an island with exotic weather and vibrant music. You will always hear Islanders talking about crop over and carnival but it is different when you can experience that exciting feeling from anywhere in the world. Seriously if you are in your kitchen, at a party or on vacation you will want to check this out. Ms. Desire's music does just that. Rising star is making her way through the soca world as she releases the highly energetic singles "Queen" and "Show It Off". No doubt when it comes to Ms. Desires vocals but to also see her perform live, is truly a memorable experience.

We got a chance to talk to the upcoming Soca Queen, Ms. Desire. Here's what she had to say.....


IFM: Tell us about yourself and where you are from.

Ms.Desire: I was born in the UK to Caribbean parents, my mother is from Barbados, and my father from Jamaica, so my Caribbean roots were instilled in me from childhood. As a child, I would spend a lot of time in Barbados and as I grew into adulthood, I always made sure I'd visit once or twice a year.

IFM: What or who inspired you to pursue music?

Ms.Desire: From the age of six I was singing and performing, my mother enrolled me into a popular performing arts school here in the UK and I spent most of my childhood touring doing shows with the school, and featuring in TV shows. I started off singing gospel and R&B as I was a huge fan of Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and Christina Aguleria; I was in love with their powerhouse vocals. However, it was a trip to Barbados during their Crop Over season, where I went to a show and saw Alison Hinds perform. When I saw that performance, I knew that I wanted to sing soca. It was something about the rhythms that made people dance and the infectious melodies that made people so happy that I loved. I wrote and released my first soca song 'Carnival Love' back in 2008, which was produced by Andy 'Blood' Armstrong of Square One, and have been releasing soca music since.

IFM: I was listening to your Song “Queen”. Can you tell us what that is about and how you came up with it?

Ms.Desire: Queen is one of my favorite songs. It's an anthem for all my ladies, reminding them that they are a queen! This song was written and produced by DJ Lokdown who is the keyboardist in my band 'One the Band'. Over the pandemic, we had a lot of downtime due to not being able to perform, which gave us a lot of time to work on music. When he presented me with the song, I knew it was something I wanted to record!

IFM: What does music mean to you? How has it changed your life so far?

Ms.Desire: Music is everything to me I often wonder what I would do if I didn't have music in my life. Music is the universal language of the world and even if you don't speak English you can still relate to the sound. Music has changed my life in so many ways! It's allowed me to travel the world and perform on stages I'd never thought I'd be able to. It's also allowed me to meet and connect with so many people. I think I'll be doing music till I'm old and grey!

IFM: I noticed that in 2012 you won the UK Soca Monarch award for “Ready Fa Dis” and are a two-timed Best UK Female Soca Artist and Best UK Soca Artist winner and were nominated as best Female Soca artist at the International Soca Music Awards in the U.S. Congrats on everything. How did that all feel?

Ms.Desire: Those accolades are highlights of my career! It's a humbling experience when people receive your music in the way you intended them to, it makes me happy to know that my hard work is paying off. I have just taken the 2020 UK Groovy Soca Monarch title for the virtual Notting Hill Carnival experience which was another great win for me! I was able to perform in the legendary Abbey Road Studios, which was such a great experience!

IFM: Any advice you would like to share with other Indie Artists?

Ms.Desire: My advice to independent artists would be to believe in yourself! It doesn't matter how talented you are, if you don't believe in yourself, no one else will. When you start believing in yourself, doors will start opening for you.

IFM: What can we anticipate this summer from you?

Ms.Desire: I've just released a new single Show It Off and I'm working hard on an EP. So you can expect even more music from me this summer and visuals too!

IFM: Where can Supporters follow you and check out your music?

Ms.Desire: You can follow me at @msdesireartist on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter! You can also find my music on all streaming platforms by searching Ms.Desire and don't forget to sign-up to my mailing list for those all-important exclusives by visiting my website.


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