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Music Monday Artist: Janex

Up Close and Personal with Janex!

Janex an independent artist based in NYC, speaks about how she is inspired by “Elvis Presley”. With the support of her dad (Elvis fan and impersonator), she was able to grow up listening and watching Elvis. She has written an original piece for a movie that will be premiered in the official selection of the “Queens World Film Festival”. Get prepared to explore the many talents from the creative genius as she speaks on how her upcoming projects (to be released in a few months) will consist of various genres and languages. The musically talented artist doesn’t want to limit herself and has been focusing on songwriting and music production. According to Elvis Presley, “Ambition is a dream with a V8 engine”. Janex has talent, a dream, and the ambition!


Arica: Welcome to Indie Flex Music! Thank You for taking the time to do this interview! Tell us a little about yourself!

Janex: Thank you for having me! I’m an independent artist based in NYC and I like to do a little bit of everything. However, for the last decade, my main focus has been mainly on songwriting and music production.

Arica: "Vulnerable" What was the inspiration behind this HOT single?

Janex: I would say it’s a result of diving within myself, and voicing some buried feelings, thoughts. I originally had written the song months ago with different lyrics and reworked it shortly before release. Maybe someday I will release the other version as a B-side.

Arica: As an artist, it is important to have a great sound but also have a great look. As we can see you nailed it! Can you give us a brief insight into your look?

Janex: That’s nice to hear! I have to say that the pandemic year hasn’t been my best in terms of looks, but I have gotten a lot of work done and I can still make an appearance when it’s necessary. I like owning my style, though—I love fashion and can always appreciate beauty.

Arica: Do you have a special process when it comes to creating music?

Janex: You know, songs have moods, and moods create different settings, and the way you build them is not necessarily the same. I do need to have my daily dose of espresso before I can start anything, though.

Arica: If you had one celebrity artist you could pay homage to, who would that be? Why?

Janex: Well, hands down, Elvis Presley. My dad was a huge fan and Elvis impersonator, and I grew up knowing all of his songs and movies by heart. I used to cover some of his songs, and I’m sure I will do it again. (Guilty)

Arica: What can we expect from you in the near future?

Janex: Lots of projects. I have several singles that I’m preparing for release over the next several months! Be prepared for some melding of different genres and languages. I’m also working with scoring and sound design for some short films that I’m excited about. A movie I wrote an original piece for is soon to be premiered in the Official Selection of the Queens World Film Festival.

Arica: Lastly, please tell our listeners how they can find your music and you on social media.

Janex: You can find me on Vevo, YouTube, Spotify, Instagram, Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter — all under my artist name JANEX @janexsmusic


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Introduction & Interview

Arica Tillman

Creative Development Director for Indie Flex Music.

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