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Music Monday Artist: DRACCO HENDRIXX

Dracco Hendrixx, Memphis Artist Bringing "Big Pressure"

When you think of Memphis, Tennessee, Hip Hop scene you can't help but think of the names Juicy J, Moneybagg Yo, Three 6 Mafia, Young Dolph and NLE Choppa. When it comes to Independent artist, Dracco Hendrixx is the next star out of Memphis. His recent release, "Big Pressure" makes it clear that he is coming and seriously coming with the heat! We got a chance to talk with the rising star. Here is what he had to say....


IFM: Tell us a little bit about yourself

DRACCO: I’m Dracco Hendrixx. I am from Memphis, Tennessee. I am 26 and I have been rapping for about 2 years. I rapped before that but I didn’t take it seriously until 2019.

IFM: A lot of artists start young and little by little they keep up their progress.

DRACCO: Exactly. It took time to build up the fan base and stuff like that. Just keep pushing to move up you know. My mentor ended up getting locked up and I continued to work hard ever since. I have amazing support around me and push me to be who I am today.

IFM: How did you start getting into music?

DRACCO: I would make beats on the table and everything just came out naturally. Organic and Natural.

IFM: Do you have a studio?

DRACCO: I did one time but it ended up getting shut down. Now I go back to the studios that I've been to in the past to produce my craft. I go to one with a girl named Suki, she raps, she produces, she makes videos! So she is my Number 1 go-to person.

IFM: That’s awesome. So what is your biggest motivation when it comes to music?

DRACCO: Myself, my friends, and my daddy that is not here anymore. Ever since my daddy passed, I just keep working hard.

IFM: I’m sure he would be proud to see you working hard and doing what you love to do.

DRACCO: Thank you

IFM: Let’s talk about your recent project. I heard your song “Big Pressure”. Did you produce that yourself?

DRACCO: Yeah. I did that myself. It’s a diss track a little bit because I was going through a lot with people being fake and even people taking my music. I, my brother, and my manager are a part of the team, We started back a couple of months ago. We had a group of people at first and then we shrunk it after people started taking ideas and we have a CBD label. My CEO is doing a fashion show soon where a bunch of people will perform and some other opportunities.

IFM: A lot of artists now, don’t just focus on music. They focus on merch and videos, so that's awesome. What about your song “ Tick”?

DRACCO: You ever heard of Big Homie GMX?

IFM: No, I haven’t

DRACCO: Well he has a song called “Tick” and it went big and it a lot of underground artists didn’t want to get on it so I did. It’s one of my favs songs so far besides, “Big Pressure”.

IFM: They are both really good and well done. You mentioned that you are a father right?

DRACCO: Yeah I have a son

IFM: How do you split music and father time?

DRACCO: I tell everyone, “ don’t have kids” you know lol but for real I make sure I'm doing right and do what I can when I can for my son.

IFM: The grind doesn’t stop though.

DRACCO: Exactly

IFM: Having a father figure is super important

DRACCO: Exactly. Also, I am looking to leave Tennessee. I may get signed soon but I am not going to speak too much on that. Hope to move to Atlanta.

IFM: Atlanta is one of the many places to do your music. That’s awesome


IFM: So what can we expect to see from you this summer?

DRACCO: I have an album dropping that I pushed back for now. There is a lot of stuff on there. I want to touch it up a bit and then another quick EP. 7 songs on there. That will come soon. The album will have about 15 songs on there. Got to keep pushing and motivate myself to get all that out there.

IFM: Who are your music influencers right now?

DRACCO: That's hard. I would say Free YoungBoy, Big Scar, and Da Baby.

IFM: So where can everyone follow you and find your music?

DRACCO: IG Dracco_Hendrixx

Fb is dracchendrixx

Snapchat is quadajoker.


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