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Bama All in his lane while they....

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Mike, the artist better known as “BAMA”. From Enterprise, AL. He is an artist that represents the true definition of “Grinding”. As a young man, he was inspired by his father to create music. Admiring his father’s technique of mixing old school music with new school music, he decided to create his own sound which is a blend of “Down South and City Rap”. BAMA, like many artists, took his life’s struggles and a mic to share his pain and story with the world. His most recent single “Swervin On Me” is a song that explains how when you are faced with people trying to hold you back or stepping in your lane, you must simply“Swerve” around them and maintain your focus. For some people, every day is a struggle, but if you have the drive and ambition like Bama, you can overcome anything. If you need some good music to listen to while defeating your struggles, then checkout @_bamaofficial for INSPIRATION. ~A.Tillman



Focusedfe: Tell us a little about yourself, where you're from and how did you get started with music?

Bama: I'm from Enterprise, AL that's where I grew up. I got interested in music at a very young age. My father used to always play old school music and mixed it with some of the new school stuff so I started to take a keen interest in it as I got older. I ended up moving and was back and forth a lot but always kept wanting to do music but couldn't find the time to do it dealing with life. Then I finally found some time to sit down and do it about 3 years ago and just worked on perfecting my craft and harnessing my voice.

Focusedfe: You mentioned you started 3 years ago, how would you say the journey has been so far for you?

Bama: It’s got ups and downs but you have to keep perfecting your craft, your voice, the melodies, finding the right studio, making sure you get connected with the right people. Everything I'm doing I’m doing it on my own so I have to stay focused with it, keep pushing with it and hopefully something can happen. Just gotta keep grinding and keep growing, you plant your seeds and something good will come out of it

Focusedfe: Absolutely, What's the most fulfilling part of being an artist besides getting paid?

Bama:The time that you take with yourself, you learn stuff about yourself. Things you thought you couldn't do, learning the process- it’s dope to really be out here putting rhymes together and actually making it sound ok, then getting feedback on that. Just staying focused on your craft- getting to know yourself and seeing your growth.

Focusedfe: What part of the artistry process really motivates you to keep going?

Bama: The motivation to keep going is knowing that I come from nothing and looking around me, seeing I came from nothing it F**Ks with me a lot cause I have kids and I want to show them whatever dream you have, no matter how old you are- you can still chase it. No matter what it is!

Focusedfe: That's a fact! Let's flip it, is there any part that you do not enjoy?

Bama: It's the time, you can't rush through it. That's something I have to learn and keep learning. You have to take your time with it. I write something down and I wanna rush to go do it- but it's like wine over time so I just gotta push through it.

Focusedfe: Yes, I’m learning that too. You can’t rush the creative process at all!

Bama: Yeah I'm learning to take my little bit of time with it and just sit back, go to the studio and watch it grow!

Focusedfe: Absolutely! What's the best advice you've received as an artist?

Bama: Make sure you carry yourself well on how you approach your craft. Make sure you connect the dots with everything, you stand on everything you preach about and just go with it. Go with the flow. I don't really have a lot of people reaching out to me so I just try to take my method and do what I do and reach out to people that reach out to me and asking how to do this or that and give them my method about it.

Focusedfe: Tell us about your song, “Swervin On Me” and where that came from

Bama: I wrote that song because I deal with a lot that people don't really see so it’s me basically telling my story. I understand I am very different. The song is basically about people coming in your lane, tryna bother you and hating on you. So you swerve on them but they constantly try to do it. I put my way on how I know how to do it, what I got through on a daily basis, what I know people say behind my back. I try to just put my words and craft into it. The down south language mixed with a little bit of the city so it's the kind of vibe that I give. I noticed that. It's me. I like it- if you like it you like it if you don't, you don't. I’m not here to impress anybody, I'm not here to get cool points, it's just me being myself.

Focusedfe: I like the song, I’ve been listening to it a couple of times. Anything we can look forward to? New music maybe?

Bama: I definitely have new music coming out soon. So I've just been working on that and getting some videos done. Stuff to put my face out there a little bit more instead of me just putting out single covers and a couple pics. I have a couple things I'm working on right now that should definitely be out before the summer. So be on the lookout!

Focusedfe: Where can they find you

Bama: @_bamaofficial there's a link in my bio, Twitter, Spotify, YouTube all that is on there. You ride with my I ride with you!

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