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Music Monday Artist: Abe From The Ave

Beating The Odds Over and Over, Proven to Be Abe's Way Of Life

Abe, an artist from NJ has proven to be not just a beastly artist but also an outstanding serviceman surpassing all negative expectations for his life. It's not quite a comeback story but rather a success story. A story that shows there are no limits but those that you put on yourself. Despite all odds, Abe has proven to be the real deal! From childhood struggles to serving his country, music industry brush-offs, he is standing strong and here to talk with us, lets see what he has to say...


Fe: Tell us about yourself and how you got started with your music?

AFTA: My name is Abe from The Ave, I grew up in New Jersey. My parents had substance dependency struggles so growing up life was pretty tough. Music was a getaway and something I wanted to do. I knew I had some talent and so I decided to jump in the opportunity to make and create music. At first, it was just fun however, when I started taking it seriously- about 17, I went to recording studios, received feedback that I can do something with this for real. So I began to pursue my music career.

Fe: That’s awesome. Your music speaks for itself and I enjoy it. I even did some research and have come up with my personal favorites

AFTA: Thank You, I appreciate that

Fe: You're welcome. So tell us about your song “ Proven”. What was the motivation behind that song?

ABE: A lot of people have doubted me and my music came to a halt because I was overseas in the military and I had the opportunity to meet someone I looked up to. I wanted to take music seriously. People saw that I was able to have the confidence, even more, to keep doing what I love to do.

Fe: People usually don’t give independent artists a chance and pray for their downfall. They usually don’t want to give them the opportunity. I listened to your music and it speaks for itself. It will get you to where you need to be.

AFTA: Thank you I appreciate it. I want to be able to prove myself through my music.

Fe: Speaking of proving yourself, Tell us about your journey and how you manage to overcome so many obstacles.

AFTA: First I like to thank the man upstairs, He put me in this situation to succeed where most people wouldn’t have. I pushed myself to make a name for myself. Like I said, growing up was tough so I had to do what I could to get to where I am. Now that I am older, I am in college working on my degree. Things are moving up and I am proud of myself for that. I always tell kids to stay in school and to try their best. I know it is not always the easiest route but it is better than the alternative.

Fe: Many people in that situation would resort to being in the streets, gangs, and things of that nature. It is nice to see that you are going down the right path.

AFTA: Hip Hop has always been about telling a story and I feel like I'm doing that. As time has progressed it is cool to see everyone be able to go to school, children need to understand that they can be smart too.

Fe: Exactly, They need to see that there is more out there than just the street life. You mentioned that you rap and you sing, What drives your creativity?

AFTA: Mainly my experiences at the time dictate the direction of the music. If you go back and listen to my old music then you can tell the struggles I was going through at that time.

Fe: Many rap artists of this generation don’t rap on the beat so the music doesn’t succeed. Music has punchlines and flow. It gets you at the moment but that's about it.

AFTA: One of my main questions in making music was how to make songs that this generation could vibe to. If we don’t find the next wave of lyricists then it will soon become extinct. This is where I have taken up the helm. With my music. I was blessed to be inspired by the music of the past to create the music of the future.

Fe: That’s a great point. What can we expect from you? Any new music coming out?

AFTA: Definitely, I have a bunch of new stuff coming out so be on the lookout for that. And you can follow me on all platforms including Spotify and iTunes

Artist Contact


Jacqueline Yvette Public Relations

Instagram @abefromtheave



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