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Ms.Ortiz, "Jaguar" Ready For Take Off

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

Music Monday Artist Jasmine Ortiz

We live in an age where becoming an artist is almost everyone's dream, yet many lack the skill, drive and professionalism to really get there. Not Jasmine Ortiz! She knew what she wanted to do from a very young age and it shows. It shows in her work ethic, her talents and her skills. Every song released surpassing expectations over and over. With her recent release "Jaguar" she reflects on her high school years of being young, carefree and having the time of her life. We were able to talk with Jasmine, this is what the young star had to say...


Fe: Tell us about yourself and how you got started with music?

Jasmine: Music is something I knew I wanted to do my whole life. At 3 years old, I learned how to play the piano. At age 9, I started to play guitar and also did voice lessons. It happened all naturally. My parents also did music in the past so seeing them I was inspired and became passionate to do the same thing.

Fe: You mentioned that you played different instruments. How did you transition from playing different instruments to singing and writing your lyrics?

Jasmine: I started learning how to play the piano and guitar. Then I started to write songs at the age of 8. I remember my first song ever, it was called ‘Turn up the Stereo’. I started singing the melody with the lyrics and my mom hears me and asked ‘Oh what song is that?’ I told her that it is a song that I made up and ever since then she helped me master it. Songwriting was a huge outlet for me emotionally and spiritually. It became my passion.

Fe: You have so much experience, I noticed. Tell us about your song “Miles Away”. It is your very first single, right?

Jasmine: Yes it was. That song was me dipping my toes in the water and testing my songwriting muscles. Really putting my artistic self out there. Since then, I feel that I have grown more as a songwriter and producer. I produce most of my own music. I love collaborating with people as well because it helps me increase my artistic ability and get the best outcome for the music.

Fe: I am a songwriter and producer myself. I love the process of finding the right sounds! The process is really fulfilling, you really create something beautiful. Your most recent release is called “Jaguar”. Tell us the inspiration behind that

Jasmine: Jaguar is a really fun song for me. It is really inspired by being young and carefree where you kind of feel invincible. I felt like that in hs. It is really about living life to the fullest.

Fe: Speaking about having the time of your life, you seem to be quite young. You've put out several videos that have gotten over 2 million views, 1.8 million views, 665,000 views, and so on. How has music changed your life?

Jasmine: I would say that it changed everything for me. Seeing that feels rewarding but it also changed my perspective day today. Keeping up with my social media platforms and as an indie artist I don’t have people doing that for me so it can be tricky but I make sure I get everything out. Work is never done but it most certainly pays off. It is 24 hours a day basically so it can be tough. Made me realize that this is a full-time job. You have to work hard to succeed.

Fe: That is true. What can we expect from you? Now that the weather is getting warmer and things are opening back up.

Jasmine: I am excited to start performing live again. I have already done a live performance back in Miami and I love it! I hope that with everything opening back up I can do that again and continue to grow. Also, have another music video and single coming soon.

Fe: Where can people find you and your music?

Jasmine: Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, basically all of the above platforms


Interviewer Fe Nelson CEO of Indie Flex Music. Music Industry Professional. Musician, Producer & Songwriter. Host of The Indie Flex Show- weekly radio broadcast aired on WILD 106.3FM Every Wednesday @9PM. Contact Twitter & Instagram @Focusedfe_ Disclaimer: We do not own rights to this music. Music was submitted to us for promotional purposes as per artist and/or his/her management team.

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