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King David Communication is Key!

Brooklyn, NY artist K. David reminds us how important communication and understanding is through his soulful musical expression.

K. David. E is a Caribbean artist with soulful and poetic vocals. He recently dropped his new EP “Communication is Key”, that includes the song “C’est la vie”. Cut from the lyrical abstraction neo-soul cloth, the young artist was able to embody an edgy and soulful vibe. Track 5 on the EP (Onward and Upwards) is an instrumental piece that projects a refreshing sound and rhythm to the soul. There is an urgency to see and hear more from this young artist and his poetic vocals.


FocusedFe_ Welcome to Indie Flex Music tell us a little about yourself

K.David.E Blessings to everyone. My name is King David, K.David.E all things music related. Sliding in my twenties, I enjoy learning new things; whether it be working on new collaborations with people I meet in transit or humming a tune to an annoying infomercial, there's something to learn.

Focusedfe_ You have a project coming out this week, tell us more

K.David.E Communication Is Key, " Available for download on popular platforms like Soundcloud and Spotify, also YouTube, Amazon and Apple Music ( K.DAVID.E )

You can listen to " Communication is Key " at any time during your day. Good music altogether. " Communication Is Key " crew neck sweaters also available. Simply Tune, and tap in for a wondrous experience.

FocusedFe_ Tell our listeners how they can find you on social media and where they can find your music

K.David.E Instagram @K.David.E

Focusedfe_ What message you wanna leave with our listeners

K.David.E If you believe in god you believe in yourself. To each his own, secrets to what life may hold. Big up A Little Bit of Sunshine, 1103 FILMS and Ode To Abel and for constant encouragement and support.


Interview Host


Host, Lead Strategist at Fe Management Solutions, Artist & Brand Developer, Musician, Songwriter, Entrepreneur.



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