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Houston Artist, Antoine Blvck Talks Music

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

Music Monday Artist Interview

Fe: Who are you and where are you from?

Antoine Blvck: My name is Antoine Blvck. I am originally from Detroit but currently in Houston, Texas.

Fe: Tell us about your music

Antoine Blvck: I am a rapper. My rap is fast but has a southern twang to it a little bit since I changed places. I try to make music that I feel, represents who I am into with, or what I am going through.

Fe: Love that! Tell us about the last song or project that you released.

Antoine Blvck:The last song I released is called CUFF. It is available on all streaming platforms and the video is also out for you to see. That song is about me not wanting anything serious. Just a fling and the song kind of has a play on words, the hook. I had so much fun making it. That came out in March

Fe: That's awesome. So when you are not recording, what are some of the things that you are doing?

Antoine Blvck: When I am not recording, I go out to different brunch spots on Saturdays with a friend of mine. I used to do Mukbang videos on YouTube. I had about 200 videos and stopped because I was getting too big. Once I stopped I was able to focus more on my music which was amazing. Now I am just continuing to put out stuff.

Fe: And what made you want to do music, where did that inspiration come from?

Antoine Blvck: I have always been into music but didn't start to do it until I went to college and became very independent in my life. Nicki Minaj is my biggest inspiration. All of Young Money really. Rico Nasty, Eminem, and even Lil Nas X.

Fe: Speaking of Lil Nas X, even recently we celebrated Pride. How did you celebrate it if you did?

Antoine Blvck: I don’t think the restrictions allowed anyone too lol. I moved out here a year ago. People wear masks. I just hung out at the bars with my friend.

Fe: How does the message of being yourself tie into your music?

Antoine Blvck: You have to know who you are in writing music. Music tells a story so you gotta know what to say.

Fe: I agree. Is there anything that we should look forward to?

Antoine Blvck:Yes, actually! I just recorded a Music Video on a yacht out here in Texas. That should be out soon. The song is called HENNY and I love the song, the video is lit and I am really excited about it.

Watch the "Henny" Music Video..

Fe: I look forward to checking it out as well. Can’t wait! So where can people find you and your music?

Antoine Blvck: My music is on all streaming platforms. My main is Antoine Blvck on all social media platforms as well.

Instagram: @antoineblvck


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