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I come across many independent artist or just people in general looking to get their start. Living in NYC it’s like the grind never stops. People go from one hustle to the next. You have to fight against all odds stacked against you and as if that isn’t enough then you have to fight to stand out amongst people that either doing the same thing or something similar as you. It’s just the way the melting pot works in a large city. BUT every now and then you get a fresh wave, some new heat on the block, a new inspiration, a new voice, someone bringing fire, passion, energy, vision and excellence and more often than not they don’t understand the weight of the gravity in which they carry. So, you can imagine my feeling when I come into contact with someone who’s noise doesn’t sound like noise in a loud ass city. This this type of noise that make you say gimme more…I listened to “Behavior” and had it on repeat, eager to learn more, I got a change to catch up with the young goatt, here’s what he had to say…


Fe: Gio, For those that don't know who you are tell us

Wassup y’all it’s Royal Giovanni aka Giothaagoatt aka ya favorite Papi with a lazy eye I’m a recording artist songwriter LGBTQ + Advocate Reality star sex education peer navigator for the NYS department of health and the Face of many outreach programs through the long island/NY state area

Fe: How did you get into music?

I grew up in a time when people still believed it took a village to raise a kid. When I was a kid and there was that one house in the neighborhood; my friend's house and her family always took care of everybody and always gave us a place to stay food to eat and an ear to listen. Many of the friends I made there were musically inclined. They were singers and rappers. I just gained a liking to it secretly and started writing but never really let anybody know. I had become passionate about it. I was really inspired by my brothers Hassan and Patrick, his sister Erica and ever since then I’ve been pursuing my music in a serious manner.

Fe: Has music been something you've always wanted to do? If yes, what was that moment when you said I am going to do this!

Music has been something I’ve always wanted to do! It started as a hobby, a way for me to express my feelings and escape the real world. Escape the things I was dealing with growing up. I realized that I was adopted and I was always searching for answers as to why I was in that situation but music allowed me to feel like I was in a space where I belong!

Fe: What is something you are proud of that you've accomplished this far as an artist?

I was able to publish my music this year. I put the work in and started putting myself out there for people to hear me. That led to opportunities to performing and sharing my music in spaces I never thought I would be able to amongst fellow artists within the industry

Fe: What makes you different from the other aspiring artist?

I would say my sound and my genre of rap will set me apart from other artists as well as the visuals and the creative direction that I envision. I am ready to break molds and cause good controversy around my music. I don’t think that there is an artist I would be able to compare myself to. Which is a good thing because I don’t feel like any artist should ever compare themselves to anybody! Everyone should be their own self

Fe: Where is your career going, what's the vision?

As of right now I’m just focused on my sound, experimenting with a lot of music and writing techniques. I love experimenting with visuals. I’m going to drop the first visual soon and I’m extremely excited about that because it allows me to show people to see the beginning stages of what I can bring to the table, you know get them excited

Fe: What can we expect next from you?

I have freestyle and a new song dropping within the coming soon. I also have a visual for one of my pre-existing songs dropping within the next coming weeks. I am working on a project and getting back in the studio, recording and writing all my music. I also have a big performance that I’m excited for it’s my first one with We All In Social Advocacy Group they're throwing a concert to bring awareness to the great contributions of the LGBTQ community through art and advocacy. It's my first performance, it’s a lot of pressure but good pressure and I’m ready for it!


Ever gringin' boss lady @FocusedFe_ is more than a name. Consistently bringing the heat! Connect for the best in culture, in music, business and life! #Livefullywalkgood

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