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From Boarding School To Gearing Up The Release Of His EP

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

Music Monday Artist Green City Trees

Green City Trees is a very diverse group musically speaking. Listening to the music you get taken away in to a variety of feelings and grooves. From NYC, to boarding to school, learning about music to currently gearing up to release his first EP, Green City Trees! ...Here's what he had to say......


IFM: Can you tell us about yourself and how you started in music?

GCB: Hey, my name is Anders and I’m from NYC. I went to a music boarding school from the age of eight to fourteen. Most of what I know now is stuff I picked up there. It was the foundation for everything.

IFM: Who/what inspired you to make music? And if so, why?

GCB: Bands like Ween, Dinosaur Jr, The Velvet Underground, Spacemen 3, and Blind Melon (especially) were what really inspired me to start songwriting. I also realized that I’m not going to be here forever, and in my opinion music is one of the most beautiful things a person can leave behind.

IFM: Where did the name "Green City Trees" come from? Is there any significance to it?

GCB: The name was inspired by the Sonic Youth song “Free City Rhymes”. There’s something kind of beautiful about those words and the flow of them. Also, when you think of the city your first thought probably isn't going to be about the trees. It’s all about the big picture.

IFM: If you were given the opportunity to collaborate with one artist, who would it be?

GCB: Evan Dando, I think he's a great songwriter with an ability to see things in ways other people can’t, I think that's really important when it comes to making music. It seems like there would be a lot to learn from him.

IFM: What is your creative process like? Can you give us a run-down on how a song is made?

GCB: It's all in the blues, honestly. Sometimes I’ll sit on the couch and jam for hours on end, lots of times I’ll find something that sounds interesting, piece a guitar part together out of that, and then maybe add some synthesizer from there. I always improvise the bass guitar and vocal parts on the spot when I record, they seem more raw that way, it also adds a kind of sincerity to the song.

IFM: What is your most favorite and worst thing about what you do?

GCB: Recording is both my favorite and least favorite thing about what I do. It's frustrating at times, but there's definitely some real gratification there.

IFM: What do you wish to accomplish in a year? How do you plan to make this happen?

GCB: I haven’t really set any specific goals. I want to see where the music takes me.

IFM: What can we anticipate from you this summer? Any new releases?

GCB: I have an EP coming out on June 4th. It’ll be called “EP”.

IFM:Where can supporters follow you and check out your music?

GCB: On most platforms: Spotify, Deezer, Pandora, Tidal, Youtube, Itunes, etc.



Gambinø @gambino.wav

Intern for Indie Flex Music

Gambino is one of the best up and coming producers based out of NYC.

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