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Big Voice, Big Hair, Big Bright Future

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

Music Monday Artist Sheleah Monae, Houston TX

While in Houston, TX I was blessed to have met this gem. Sheleah Monae, Singer and Songwriter. Here is what she had to say.....

Fe: Tell us a little bit about yourself and where are you from?

Sheleah: My name is Sheleah Monea. I am from Boston, Massachusetts. I live in Houston, Texas. I am a singer/songwriter. I have been singing my entire life. My father sings, he would be in bands and work on something at his home studio. That intrigued me growing up. My momma said I was singing before I could talk. They separated when I was young. I always wanted to be with him to sing and be at his studio. He would teach me harmony and everything. The outcome of everything makes it all worth it. When I was 9 people started to take me a little seriously. By 11 from now, it has been that ever since.

Fe: How has your journey been as an artist?

Sheleah: It's is interesting. I try to stay positive because I can always go up. You can get discouraged easily so I always try to be positive. I remember feeling discouraged to a point where I felt done. I turned on the radio and whatever was playing was just saying like keep going. It was a sign so I continued.

Fe: What is the most fulfilling part of your journey so far?

Sheleah: The most fulfilling part is when people hit my DM and say how much my music touches them or when they take the time to learn my lyrics. It is the best feeling. Amazing. You know it is one thing for you or your family to tell you that you are good, but a stranger, it just hits different. I guess I am doing something right.

Fe: Tell us a little bit about your latest release?

Sheleah: I released two singles on my birthday. I have been pretty steady with my releases. I have gone through a rough patch. You can check them out on all streaming platforms. I also released a song in April, 420, The song is called "Show Me the Way" and that song went viral. Especially in Amsterdam, The song is more of a dance/EDM so now I gotta make my way to Amsterdam.

Fe: People try to be the next star rather than having fun. You want people to relate and have fun listening to it. It is different when you have music in a club rotation. What has been your biggest lesson?

Sheleah: My biggest lesson is that sometimes people won't root for you in the beginning. It's so silent when you make it. The lesson was, I can not depend on people in the beginning when the support is not there. It sucks but I have been working hard since I was a baby

Fe: Kingdom Sold is what I had before Indie Flex Music and I had the same problem. I was like damn, this sucks. So I decided to end that, finish my music business/media communications degree and then I started Indie Flex Music back in February. One of my DJ friends who I have known for 14 years called me up about an opportunity for a radio station in Brooklyn and here we are! So you mentioned that you are a songwriter, do you write songs for other artists or just yourself.

Sheleah: Yeah so I have written songs for other artists like Erin Stevenson. We connected through a producer. I have a song out there that she sang. We would write songs together as well. She is pretty known, she sang background with Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson. I like to write for myself but I have songs that I know that I have written that are meant for other artists.

Fe: What is next for you?, What can we expect

Sheleah: I wanna do opening and be able to do more and be more recognized, do more interviews, everything.

Fe: That is awesome. With music, If you know which steps to take, you can make it as an indie artist. Lately, where can people find you and your music?

Sheleah: Sheleah Monea on Insta, TikTok, and youtube and my music is available on all streaming platforms. On Facebook, it is Sheleah Monae music.

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