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Apex True Grit, Faith & Music

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

Music Monday Artist

Every now and then the IFM staff get excited because we come across an artist or musician who is truly a gem. What I mean by that is this...number one they are talented without a doubt but secondly they have or are beating the odds daily. Everyday heroes if you will who have true grit. What is grit? Peter Diamond is once said, Grit is refusing to give up. It's persistence. It's making your own luck. Apex is that artist! Great inspiration, great character, great determination...Great Music!


IFM: Tell us about yourself and where you are from?

APEX: I am Apex. I am originally from Virginia but now I am in Canada. I have loved music since I was 10 years old. Now I am 20. My life has been about music ever since. A couple of years ago, I have been diagnosed with a muscular dystrophy so that has been challenging to deal with when creating my art. I push through it and am not letting that stop me.

IFM: That must be very challenging. I can only imagine

APEX: Definitely. Had ups and downs but I have lots of support. Thank God.

IFM: Support is a great thing. Also in hearing artist's stories, you tend to appreciate their music more.

APEX: Absolutely

IFM: What inspired you to do music when you were 10 years old?

APEX: I have always been in love with music. It started when I was in Church Camp. I heard a song called Background by an artist named Lecrae. Ever since then i just fell in love with Hip Hop. I went home and listened and just fell in love with the world of Lecrae. The label , everything. I started to rap at that moment. I wasn’t very good at first of course however with time and practice, here we are.

IFM: We all gotta start somewhere. I heard some of your music and I enjoyed it. I came across your song 10,000 ways. That intrigued me

APEX: That song came from the heart

IFM: From everything you went through in life?

APEX: Yes. Exactly. I felt that we needed a song that there are so many ups and downs in life that there is still hope.

IFM: How do you come up with your music? What is your creative process, without revealing too much of your secret of course?

APEX: It just comes out naturally. Informed a tight bond with odyssey. He is my bff and he helps me out a lot. Usually i would have lyrics written up, send it to him and ask if he can work around this and eventually we get it done. It's usually not the way things are done however it works for me.

IFM: Anything we should look forward too?

APEX: Well recently I went on Holiday and just got back however I did record a bunch of stuff while I was away. I don’t have anything coming out now but will have something release by the end of August that I am excited about. In the mean time people can still check out my album Missions and Convictions which is available on all platforms.

IFM: That is awesome. Looks like you have a lot of work ahead of you this summer

APEX: Always working

IFM: What goals do you have that you want to achieve or have already achieved?

APEX: I am blessed to have a start up label support called "Build Your Own Dreams" that helped me with my last album. We had an artist on it at the beginning that asked that and one important thing is the cosign. People say that it is dead however with hip hop it makes it seem like the real thing. Thankfully I hit some of my goals. I hope to release more songs and hope to be either play listed or have a repost of my favorite artist insta stories. That would be amazing. I never want to feel like I made it. I feel that when that happens, many people stop trying.

IFM: I completely agree

APEX: Thats why my favorite artist is John Bellion. He stays out of the spotlight and I admire that. You see the difference between that and people who stop trying once they made it. That is not the point of Art.

IFM: Absolutely . I admire that. I am amazed and continuing doing what you are doing. Lastly, where can everyone find you and socials platforms

APEX: You can find me at Apex Frazier on all Platforms, I am most active on instagram and my music is available everywhere.




A&R Supervisor of Indie Flex Music.

Instagram @jazrandomcreationz

Twitter @CreationzJaz

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Intro: Fe Nelson

Disclaimer: We do not own rights to this music. Music was submitted to us for promotional purposes as per artist and/or his/her management team.

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