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Serena J Tyson, Single "Peace In You"

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

Gracelife: TBT KingdomSoldNYC Interview

Talk about a Throwback! When Serena's "Peace In You"came out it was literally the pick me up I needed. The reminder that we truly find peace when we leave everything in God's hands. Check out this throwback interview with KingdomSoldNYC now known as Gracelife!


Serena Tyson is a singer/ songwriter who has been singing since the tender age of three and writing since twelve. Growing up as a PK (preacher’s kid), she learned at a young age, of the power of God that rests on her life. Serena’s music exudes personal triumphs over life’s experiences and circumstances, and projects a message of hope to all. She is happily married to her husband/ manager, Joshua Tyson. God has Blessed them with 2 handsome boys: Ezekiel and Jonah, as well as their princess Serenity, who is on her way. Aside from singing, God has afforded Serena the opportunity to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree of Psychology as well as a Master’s Degree of Educational Counseling. She plans to pursue an Educational Doctorate Degree in the near future. Serena believes that God has gifted her, not just to keep it to herself, but to share with the world and compel others to freedom in Christ. We got the chance to talk to Serena, Let's see what she had to say....

Fe: Tell us about you and where you are from? Serena: I am from Long Island, NY. My background is Jamaican and American. I have been singing since the age of three and writing since the age of twelve. I am a PK (pastor's kid) so a lot of things that I know about ministry, I learned at a young age. Fe: How did you get started as a singer? Serena Tyson: I have always been a part of the background wherever that be singing at my local church or with my friends who are in ministry. I felt that God was calling me to something deeper and greater and the gifting that he has given me has been blessing others. So my husband and I decided that we would get started about two years ago and that I would come out as an artist and finally it is here now, and I am grateful for the experience.

Fe: You recently released your single, "Peace In You," what was the inspiration behind this or the message you want to convey song? Serena Tyson: The message that is in "peace in you" comes from a place of going through the life of a pk. It had its good times and bad times of course. One of the rougher times was when my parents decided to get a divorce, and that changed my perspective a lot. I had to find God for myself. Everything I knew as in marriage to look up to or knew as something I believed in was rooted in me being a preacher's kid and my parents. I saw them going them going through and I couldn't continue to live the same way. So I had to find God in that time. It was a low time, and I remember just sitting at the edge of my bed, my husband and I were newly married, and we just found out that we were pregnant. It was challenging in a time where we should be happy and jovial, but there was a lot of storms hitting my families life, the church split up, and I had to find peace in God. It was a time where I had to trust God completely and build my relationship with him. That's where "peace in you" comes from I want others to know that no matter what your storm is, how bad your situation is or how long you are going through a situation, you can still find Peace in God no matter what. ​Listen To "Peace In You"

Fe: That is an amazing and real testimony. It's one I can identify with being a PK who's parents are separated and the impact it can have on you, your family and the church. People come up to me and say "wow I'm proud of you the fact that you're still going strong and still serving God." The truth is it's not about if I want to serve God or if I feel like walking away from God or the church, because when you go through in life, what do we know? It boils down to what you said; when you go through situations in life what keeps you is the fact that you are aware that it is God that is helping you to navigate through the storm and you truly find your "peace" in Him. "Peace In You" It's is a beautiful message! We are half way through the year, what can we look forward to seeing from you. Serena Tyson: I will be ministering out and continue to do what I do as a Worship & Praise leader. I should be releasing a second single soon. My team and I are working hard to finish songs to work on an Ep or Album. It is going to be inspirational, upbeat and some songs to bump in your car but keep that strong message of Christ and having him at the center of it all. Our generation needs an outlet, and they need to know that music can cross all genre's and still have a compelling message. The is a mass of people that are waiting and yearning for God to reveal himself to them and I believe God will allow this music to help them get to that place where they will let Him in. Fe: Where can we keep up to date with all you are doing? Serena Tyson: My website is still under construction, but it will be Facebook, Instagram- Serena Tyson. You should be able to pull me up. Those are the ways you can keep up with me. Fe: Any shout outs.... Serena Tyson: My husband- Joshua Tyson, He is amazing and always at my beckoned call, he often thinking before I can get the words out my mouth- it's already done. Shout out to the amazing person who did "Peace In You" for me and the mastering of the track. Cherelle Crews of Crews Control. She did a magnificent job, and I had an awesome time working with her. Shout out to my pastor Derek Price, Gene Price they have been an amazing encouragement to me throughout this whole process and I wouldn't be able to do it without their encouragement nor would I have been able to bounce back from everything I have been through. Lastly, Shout out to Jesus! Fe: Amen, Definitely! Our favorite question! What message of encouragement do you have for our friends out there Serena: Nothing is too hard for God to fix. No problem is too hard for Him to solve. Never give up and always believe and keep the faith that God can see you through. Never give up!


Interviewer Fe Nelson CEO of Indie Flex Music. Music Industry Professional. Musician, Producer & Songwriter. Host of The Indie Flex Show- weekly radio broadcast aired on WILD 106.3FM Every Wednesday @9PM. Contact Twitter & Instagram @Focusedfe_ Disclaimer: We do not own rights to this music. Music was submitted to us for promotional purposes as per artist and/or his/her management team.

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